Moroccan Rug History and its Benefits

All About History of Moroccan Rug and the Benefits of Having it

First of all, let’s know what the is indoor-outdoor rugs and then we talk about Moroccan rug. Basically, there is no such difference between the rug and carpet. You can use these two words, they are used alternatively. Both words are used to cover the floor. So instead of carpet, you can call the homebase rugs or vice versa. An area rug basically made of:

  • Wool,
  • Cotton,
  • Camel’s hair,
  • Synthetic Fibre,
  • Seagrasses,
  • Goat Hair

moroccan style rugs

These are basically a heavy piece of cloth, usually used to cover the floor, but it means a small pile is not that it will cover the whole floor. It will cover an area of the floor.

About Moroccan Rug

These rugs are originally made by Moroccan tribal people. These homebase rugs are being woven by the indigenous people of the Paleolithic era. Generally, tribals use it for their purpose, but nowadays it has become a fascinating thing that people are ready to buy. In the twentieth century, people from the west used to gather it in bundles and the tribal people of Morocco used to make it in number without asking or practicing it. They never trained anyone to make these Moroccan rugs UK. They used to solve it for their purpose, but people started to like it and it became a unique thing for them and they used to buy it to decorate their homes. We generally buy these Moroccan style rugs to decorate our homes, but the tribals used to make it solve their problems.

History & Concept of Moroccan Rugs

The concept of rugs in the front of the house is a very old concept of making the rug of Morocco. There is no such thing that we use, which is as old as Moroccan rug. They used to make it for their purpose. These rugs are of two types:

  1. one is very thick,
  2. Second is very light.

Those native people who used to live in the mountains, they used to make thick Moroccan rugs to cover them due to the extremely cold climate. And native people who lived in the Sahara desert, they used to make light Moroccan style rugs due to the hot climate. They used to make it cover their beds, even they used it as a blanket and burial coffin.

The Reason for Buying Moroccan Style Rugs

I think you should buy Moroccan rug because these are ancient things One of them you can keep in your house for decorative purpose. Generally, people buy it to decorate their homes. Instead of increasing the value, they do not lose value. The ancient thing that went from weavers to weavers is the Moroccan rug, which you can place in your house as a decorative purpose or you give it to anyone Because it is one of the oldest traditional things.

A Journey from Moroccan Rug To Kilims

Enjoy This Beautiful Journey and Know Deeply About Moroccan Rug & Kilims

In the Multiple Style of Designer Rugs, we learn why Kilims and Moroccan rug is so popular with interior designers. We get decorative inspiration from many amazing interiors and gain benefits of these homebase rugs. We like their most desired colors and patterns. But if you also want to enjoy the beauty of these rugs like its beautiful color, patterns, etc. then there are many things you should know about these rugs. So here in this blog, we will tell you about many things related to Moroccan rug and Kilims.

kilim rugs

About Moroccan Rug

The Moroccan rugs UK full complement of modern and contemporary furniture and art for mid-century. Ihese rugs work beautifully with traditional decoration. A natural gray-and-white Moroccan colorful pillow with complex squares and traditional furniture can offer an unmatched in a complex ethnic pattern in the living room. Also, you can choose cream and gray Beni Ourain Rug of 70’s chair and traditional leather sofa supplement. The natural cream and brown Moroccan style rugs fulfill the mid-century modern furniture in a living room.

History of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs around Morocco have been woven by tribals for more than 10,000 years to use as bed cover or decoration. In different areas, Moroccan tribes make specific types of homebase rugs. The tribes residing in the Atlas Mountains, making them thick, heavy stacked living room rugs to keep them warm in bed. People of Sahara desert knitting flat rug. Patterns passed from weavers next generation by weavers who do not have formal artistic training.

In the irregular and simple geometrical patterns, the cream & brown color of Moroccan rug made of natural non-colored wool is the most popular. Try more colorful Moroccan style rugs and special flat-knit rugs for more specific interiors.

About Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are extremely flexible and will go with almost any style of furniture. A yellow-brown Kilim rug with step diamond geometric patterns is a great complement to modern and traditional furniture. A custom Kilim rug museum with a rigid blue-colored ground and brown tooth border can provide an ideal anchor for quality paintings, antique Italian, French and English furniture. Red and gold in the office and library unchanged.

A kilim rug with natural bars in brown, cream and yellow-gray can adds beauty and texture to the porch of the screen. Natural colorful wool Kilim is an ideal supplement for the 19th Century table and the wicker armchair.

History of Kilim Rugs

Kilim or flatweave rug is handmade and available in every market in the world. Kilim rugs made by interweaving knitting yarn and warp yarn to make homebase rugs with a flat surface and no pile. The weft threads usually wool and appear on the surface of these kilim rugs and the warps made of strong cotton yarn which can not be seen as they completely covered with wool weights. Wild threads emerge on the edges of the rug, where they become fringe

Avoid similar rugs, which made from poor quality wool and cheap colors. Stay away from the large-scale patterns. Stay with the superior quality Kilim rugs and you’ll enjoy them for a long time. Kilim rugs come in wide range of colors.  Like from bold colored to natural non-colored wool homebase rugs

Where To Buy

These both types of living room rugs are the most popular around the world. Due to this, the authentic Moroccan rug found lesser in the market in comparison of Kilim rugs. So for these type of homebase rugs, you should a prominent rugs store. We also have the best collection of authentic Moroccan rug and kilims. Only here you can find both types of living room rugs made by expert weavers. To ensure about durability, we used the best quality material to craft these. So, don’t wait and buy one for your home at an amazing discount.

Moroccan Rug Purchasing Tips

Best Tips for Purchasing Moroccan Rugs for Home Decor

Seeing all the myths, stories, and homebase rugs show on conservative can be a remarkable lucrative experience. Sit down and drink mint tea or orange juice (whatever your preference) because people open the living room rugs in front of your eyes. With a multitude of red, orange, brown, different patterns and styles, everyone sends you into the flock of uncertainty, because now it is very difficult to decide which is really the most beautiful Moroccan rug.

moroccan style rugs

But, there are stories and conservatives for one reason: almost every tourist in Morocco has heard a horror story about how some unforeseen visitor was completely burst by rugs seller. It is true if you do not know what you are looking for and on what type of living room rugs should be spent, then it can be availed. After all, they are trying to sell their goods at the highest price … this is a good business! Here are some great tips for being able to enjoy your carpet and living room rugs show, and go home with beautiful homebase rugs.

Learn About Colors

The Barberian Moroccan style rugs are superb. It has not been rejected! When placed in the house, people immediately notice them and comment. They are full of colors and different types of patterns. Our first tip is to ensure that you really know what color you really want for your home! Trust us, you will see such a wonderful indoor-outdoor rug that you can be motivated to choose the person who looks good. When you come back, you find that it does not match the decor of any of your existing furniture or rooms! We recommend that you come up with a colorful swatch to find out what you are looking for. In this way, you will not have any problem in keeping it where it can be shown for your full benefit!

Think About Rug Size

To spend a lot of money on beautiful homebase rugs and then come home and see if this is a bit bigger for your living room, or just a little smaller for that wall, which you painted hanging. Make extra preparations before arrival. Know the measurements of your rooms or walls! If you didn’t do this preparation before going to purchase a Moroccan rug online or offline then your shopping can become horrible. So do this on a priority basis. If you want a store that suggests you for the rug and having all size homebase rugs then you can choose us.

The first thing is we can tell you that there is no fixed price on homebase rugs online. This can be a little inefficient for those people who unchanged to deal, but this is normal in Morocco. Do not be afraid to deal and hard work. Price of the Moroccan style rugs based on size, style, age, and quality of work. You must know our budget before we come to your suggestion. Problems arise with pricing when tourists do not know how much they are expecting to spend and pay the first price to be offered to them. If you have a good idea of how much you want to spend on your rug, then the bargain will help.

Do Not Be Silly

There are both honest carpet sellers and those who will tell you almost anything to sell their living room rugs. Be careful not to mistake an “vintage rug” which is now kept in the sun or is unknowingly old. If you are looking for a vintage Moroccan rug, you would like to do a lot of research before. One way to tell is that the carpet is made with real wool or synthetics, then check it with lighter. The flame will not light up the pure wool, but synthetics will melt and leave a bad odor.

At The End of the Day

Moroccan style rugs are really amazing! Enjoy the experience and the process. Nobody is compelling you to buy … understand that this world is not the end if you decide that you are not interested in buying anything. You not obliged to buy only by looking at homebase rugs. And, one more thing to remember, even if you end up paying a bit more for your area rug. the important thing is that you are happy with the price you want to pay! You will definitely treasure the living room rugs.

If you are unable to visit Morocco to buy a Moroccan rug online then you are at right place. We also have the best collection of Moroccan rugs originally crafted by expert Moroccan rug weavers. We have a large collection of these type of living room rugs in many colors and pattern. Also, under Mid Season Sale we are also offering a huge discount on these. So, visit our home store and buy from us for your home.

Some Homebase Rugs to Solve Home Decoration Puzzle

Some Best Type of Homebase Rugs Best for Home Decoration

One empty floor, even one of the finest oak frames, classy tiles or fashionable concrete, calls for homebase rugs. To help you avoid purchasing an average carpet, which can not meet your expectations completely, we have prepared a small guide through the most qualitative statement that will make your room live in the instant. Also, we brought some very attractive handmade living room rugs UK to make your flooring more attractive. So, read our home decoration guide and about our homebase rugs and carpets collection.

living room rugs

Persian Rugs

The Persian rug is probably the most prestigious flooring of all. And for a good reason! The vast majority of floor coverings coming from today’s Iran area have been done with great diligence, attention to detail and with the best possible content. They have been made for centuries, and in fact, you get vintage, better. Practically any two Persian hand-made rug is not exactly the same, which extremely gives quality to each piece.

With age, they receive not only value but also character. Persian rugs look beautiful in both inner and lofts. In the super-modern system, the Iranian carpet makes an interesting contrast, from where the designer goes to the chic.

Moroccan Rug

A Moroccan Rug is an undisputed classic in the world of interior design! Usually included in a special geometric pattern presented in white or beige, black or brown shade. These homebase rugs seamlessly fit in any place. An additional benefit is the soft shy texture that provides a pleasant experience for the senses and creates a domestic environment. Beni Orain Moroccan style rugs are traditionally produced by barbary tribes living in the area of the Rif mountain range near Taza.

The most common are the diamonds that stand in front of the Evil Eye in the Middle-Eastern Symbols. Beni Ourain Moroccan style rugs are palatial-like homebase rugs and not official as rugs from gorgeous weaving centers. Sometimes the loosely executed pattern should emphasize incompleteness of the life of the Earth, unlike eternity. Whether you choose a vintage version or a new carpet, you can make sure that the statement is guaranteed effect.

How To Recognize Original One

It is difficult to clearly classify the homebase coming from the hands of modern artists and designers because their diversity is very high and displays a large part of delicate, almost supernatural compositions to bright patterns and shiny colors, different decorative approaches, and styles. Nevertheless, the lion’s share of designer rugs the UK has enough specialty to form the basis for the whole room arrangement.

It’s important to evaluate them not only in aesthetics but in a qualitative aspect. We especially recommend looking closely at the Escale Group. Their work inspired by nature but not clearly, and performance in relation to our natural environment always happens at the top-level. In this way, real inspiration from nature should always look like.

Scandinavian Rugs

Scandinavian style is still getting stronger in the world of design. The Swedish living room rugs, colorful but correctly toned, balanced patterned, geometrical but far from boring. These are so strong decoration element that it is worth to start arranging the place only. If you like the atmosphere of the mid-century modern environment or you are a fan of the contemporary Scandinavian style, then the vintage rugs of the 50s and 60s will definitely appeal to you.

Although it has been for a long time since his creation, it seems that these were taken directly from the latest collection! It proves to be a timeless and universal appeal of any kind of craftsmanship from the north with anything else.

Kilim Rugs

The kilim rugs or flatweave are traditionally produced in the countries of the former Ottoman empire, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkic countries of Central Asia. Some of the most famous kilim rugs come from Turkey.  These type of homebase rugs broadly loves for eye-catching designs, which grow in the form of spaces. Even the Drebbeest looking room can easily change into vibrant vibrant haven when it comes with striking patterns of a charming kilim rug and a vivid color palette.

We also have the best collection of all above rugs. Our all homebase rugs crafted by expert indoor-outdoor rug weavers. We have Transitional, Shag, Modern, Moroccan, Kilim Overdyed Rugs for sale. So, don’t wait and grab your favorite rug at the lowest price from our prominent store.

Moroccan Rug and its Authenticity Signs

Best Tips to Find Out An Authentic Moroccan Rug

We love the original seamless Moroccan rug, with their comfortable design, beautiful color use, and interesting forms and symbols. However, the availability of vintage Moroccan style rugs actually very limited. This is because these homebase rugs have such huge demand. These type of homebase rugs are now very less available than ever. In order to get good pieces and find them, it is necessary to move around remote markets and auctions in tough villages and join barbarians. It is very rare that we roll the source in the dry docks in Marrakesh because the production (and the aged) has been produced for sale instead of the original rug from the Berber house.

moroccan style rugs

Moroccan Rug Durability

This is not going away. In fact, the old carpet will have wear, marks, and perhaps other characteristics of past life. These sign mostly is seen in the most beautiful cream color Beni-Ourain Rugs. And authentically old pieces will almost always have some points and will use a longer life.

grey moroccan rugmoroccan style rugscheap moroccan rugsmulti moroccan tile rugmoroccan shag rug

We need to treasure them as an indication that this is real. If there is no sign of these on a rug, then it is probably not vintage and authentic. You remember, sometimes we come in very old homebase rugs which seen very well and are ancient, but these are exceptions. We often reinstate the rug, and of course, our carpets have been washed. But most of us do not repair signs of age and wear, and we leave the fringes frayed and nibbled edges. Discover the signs of past life because they are in a way that you will be able to tell the genuinely real.

Colorful Story of Moroccan Rug

Some Moroccan Berber tribes have liked some colors for a long time, usually based on the inspiration of nature, the old traditions and the practical requirements of tribal life. For example, in the central Atlas mountains around the area located on the Oum Er-Rbia river, the Zaiane barber tribes are typical thick pointed pile homebase rugs which use bold Dominated and blood red wool. These are mostly eco-friendly in nature because these are made from old and clothes.

Dark colors such as blue, again, tangerine, and amber can be taken from natural sources and they can be widely used. In the cold northeastern areas, the Atlas mountain in Morocco, where the Beni Ourain rugs UK was built, was worn a rug to reflect the neutral cream and brown colors of the natural wool of the family’s sheep. Kesar and yellow colors were used in the lower southern areas.

However, soft baby pink, aqua, sky blues, and light pastel tones were not widely used in old Berber Moroccan style rugs – they are more likely to paint recently to meet Western flavors

Tribal Moroccan Style Rugs

In Morocco, there is a lot to know about the needs of the markets, adjusting, making fake and selling. Many homebase rugs can be newly knitted. After that punched, aged with chemicals, and the sun can be faded to look vintage. The spread of these many (very similar) cheap rugs in the market gives a clue to the lack of authenticity. These cheap rugs are not the old Berberian Moroccan pieces. If you want authentic Moroccan style rugs then you must have good knowledge about these type of living room rugs. If you don’t want research on these then you should visit a prominent online rug store.

Comes With Importance

Large ‘Western’ room-shaped formats are almost always new indoor-outdoor rug. If it is worn with care and personal touch, and with good quality wool, it can be very beautiful. We often keep them on our website. However, many sellers pass them as old, or they bogus, which have been worked out to look old or bleach to look white. Pricing should give you a clue as a genuine quality.

The living room rugs were used for both everyday uses by women and weavers for rich families. The latter can sometimes be up to 10 meters. In the light southern areas, carpets or rugs were usually used as sitting mat or coverings, so they are light and sizes vary, often small or large rugs UK.

Just by looking at different type rugs, you can often get a sense of real ‘one-off’ creativity compared to standard formats. The best indoor-outdoor rug will communicate the thoughts, fears, hopes and personal manifestations of weaving, in which there are powerful images together in constructive harmony, often the points of interest and interest in the vintage Moroccan rugs UK can be very simple, such as some cream and brown Beni  Ouarain rugs, though simplicity will be original and inspired. A carpet was worn by a woman for her own use. They prepared these with care and pride using the best wool. Seek original and authentic. It’s worth the trip.

Buy Authentic Moroccan Rug

As we discussed above, it is difficult to find out an authentic Moroccan style rug. But there is some store selling authentic carpets and rugs. We also have the best collection of Moroccan rug and carpets. These homebase rugs weaved by following the same procedure the morocco weavers followed in their era. So, these are best in durable and authentic Moroccan rugs UK. We have all type Moroccan rug we mentioned in many colors. Like we have pink, brown, white, grey Moroccan rug, etc. So here you can get the best matching rug for your interior at the best price. We are also giving a huge discount on these living room rugs. So, don’t wait and buy one for your home.

Moroccan Rug Online Buying Tips

Some Best Tips For Buying Moroccan Rug Online at Best Price

Moroccan rug – especially a kind of jackpot – and these highly sought after the popularity of excessive interior and home decor styles. Provided you pick the right rug. Because, sadly with their vibrant reputation, the new homebase rugs marketed as the old tribal pieces, poor quality pieces, bad advice, and the rug that are not handmade or authentic. We care about this because the old, authentic barbary rug – those fantastic, artistic demanding carpet – are worth recognition and credit and their buyers are worth knowing that what they are purchasing is reliable and truthful. So, what should you look for, to know that your rug is an original barbarous tribal Moroccan rug?

moroccan style rugs

Rug Age Matters

The vintage term widely used these days to describe the ancient homebase rugs. For us, it means that at least from the 1990s it is a reliable rug. And, if a rug actually old or middle century then you have to wear the price and value.

moroccan rugs for salemoroccan rugs ukmoroccan rugs for salemoroccan pattern rugmoroccan rugs sale

A basic rug that has been used in a barber house or tent, some points, damage, henna stains, candle wax drops, are likely to emerge at the end, And so on. There is a possibility of wearing a very old rug, possibly many features of restoration. Some of these can be quite basic if a rug called vintage, but there is no sign of past life so far, then it is likely to be new for life. Then you will be on your way.

However, Look Out for Ancient Rugs

In Morocco, there is a lot to know about the needs of the markets, adjusting, making fake and selling. Which often called ‘cooperative societies’, some regional producers make new homebase rugs which washed, faded or worked, then international buyers or traders are not considered old. They can be firm and often only the person who actually knows the barber rug will be able, to tell the truth by copy. When you are buying a rug, do not be embarrassed to ask a lot of questions about authenticity and background.

Identify Best Moroccan Rug

Equipped with best intentions, people have entered international trade markets without the deep knowledge of barber tribal homebase rugs. Many people rely on shops in tourist centers such as Morocco, Essaouira or Fez so that they can supply with stocks. Sometimes a common misconception occurs. One example is the Beni Ouarain rug that has been made in such a great demand that ‘Beni Ouarain’ is now used as a puzzle for all Moroccan black and white living room rugs. However, they are not the same. In fact, the Beni Ouarain carpet was only woven by the Berbers of the northeastern Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco, and nearby neighboring tribes. It is believed that Beni Ouarain is actually a union of seventeen specific barbary tribes, who are believed to have lived in this area since the 9th century.

And, while ‘benny’ means ‘sons’ and some barbarians and Arab tribes used for centuries, even that word is usually mistakenly wrong to make an origin for the rug.

Since so many living room rugs now sorted into Marrakesh’s dryings. This is the standard for the tribal rug properties on the nearby High Atlas Mountains. However, most popular original homebase rugs (Beni Ouarain, Beni Mguild) have always woven far away from Marrakesh in the cold mountains in the northeast. Most people who woven near Marrakesh weave quickly to sell to western buyers

The Color Of Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Synthetic colors are available in remote areas, complementing the natural colors used by barbarians for decades. In fact, even in the beginning of the 20th century, women liked the painted colors. This means that natural colors are less common than your rugs, yet it is not completely different from the artistic tradition of lovely rugs. Due to the absence of natural colors, a beautiful texture, plush wool, and distractions of woven rugs with individual symbols. In reality, the bright color is a hallmark of the Barbary rug and many of these wonderful colors can only be achieved with high-quality natural colors.

The Vintage Rugs Has Permanent Value

Availability of vintage Moroccan style rugs naturally limited, and the demand for the past few years has reduced the supply. Vintage homebase rugs are becoming rare and more expensive. Good fragments can enjoy increased prices in the future. In an ancient rug, there is a possibility of being spontaneous and archaic, or a very detailed and efficient. The design often adds irregularities and special touches to their very own personal carpet. A Moroccan rug worn by a woman for her own use, they prepared with care and pride using the best wool. The good Moroccan rug made from good resources.

Buy Moroccan Rugs Online

We, Rugsville pleased to present real and authentic homebase Moroccan rug to customers around the world. In the form of Moroccan style rugs, we are sharing culture and history. Also exploring the barbaric culture and immersing you along with us in a mysterious world of barbarous rugs. In our Moroccan rug collection, you will find every type of Moroccan style rugs in many colors. Like we have black, brown, red, pink, gray Moroccan rugs, etc. And we also have in many patterns those can suite in every type of interior. So, don’t wait and buy favorite Moroccan rug from us at the amazing discount under our rugs for sale offer.

Moroccan Rug Now Became Modern

Watch Out Our Best Moroccan Rug Collection with Modern Design

Long time favorite of design buff, Moroccan rug enjoying the resurgence in popularity. But their use in modern culture will always be tied to the movement that makes them present and popular in the West: the 20th-century modern design. Many famous Architects and interior designers inspired with these simple, organic homebase rugs for their simple elegance. During today’s modernist movement, these living room rugs were the perfect tools for pulling style, comfort, utility, and ornament. Years ago and the world away, those who originally made these rugs were used for an exceptionally similar double purpose.

moroccan style rugs

Utility That Meets with Ornaments

Nominal Berbers relied on these fabrics due to this portability and durability. The use was huge: in the form of bitter elements, as a shelter, in the form of a bed, and of course, for their comfort and heat on the floor and surfaces of their home. Despite their functional status (or perhaps due to this), the construction and design of these rugs were given special care and consideration. And these small elements on it makes the Moroccan rug more beautiful than other type homebase rugs.

moroccan pattern rugmoroccan rugs ukmoroccan style rugsgrey rugmoroccan rugs for sale

A reflection of the Eclectic effect

Morocco’s unique cultural character draws influences from its diverse neighbors. At the crossroads of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, Moroccan culture is full of diverse influences. Also mixed to produce a new look. This style most beautifully expressed by the complex, patterned rug woven by Moroccan original barbarians people. They expertly weave the rugs by following their ancestors weaving technique. In every indoor-outdoor rug you will feel the soft texture that in every Moroccan rug of Morocco.

Now Modern Movement Begins

There was plenty of time and place from ancient barbaric traditions, architects of the 20th century, yet two creative methods would come together in harmony. The modern war movement was born after World War II, the departure of traditional styles and the expression of forwarding thinking, people asked the world to look at the whole new way. Now, famous interior designer suggesting to install Moroccan rugs. Because these rugs only can match with the whole interior.

A Modern Reincarnation for Moroccan Rugs

The remarkable beauty of the Moroccan-style rugs captured the imagination of modernist and mid-century design icons. Designers made popular use of Moroccan style rugs the UK, liked them for their simple colors, geometrical patterns, and amazing versatility, the rug was an ideal supplement for ultra-modern spaces. The Moroccan rug uses beautifully softened the interior. The interplay of geometry and form, an attitude to decorating that still resonates. So, there are many reasons to show why peoples like Moroccan rugs very much.

Still Favourite Today

Remarkable history, stylish diversity, and versatility of Moroccan style rugs combine their appeal and value. Preliminary utilitarian function in the modern design of the medieval century their significance is a timeless Moroccan rug. And just like the great designs of those mid-century, many top stylists of today also use Moroccan rugs in their contemporary places. To Buy these they choose the only online store to grab only original one because only they can find. So, like them, you should a prominent online store to buy Moroccan rugs online in the UK. We also an online home store, known for the best collection of homebase rugs. So, you can choose one from our store. If you choose us then you can also grab a huge discount on rugs. So, don’t wait and grab the offer.

Moroccan Rug Weaving Become Art of Morocco

Moroccan Rug Weaving Art And Its Popularity

Our Southern Mediterranean Neighborhood Morocco includes a unique mix of Arab, African and European influences. The coastal country is known for its breathtaking dunes, exotic animals. In the interior design world, Moroccan rugs are one kind woven homebase rugs. Born from an expression, constructive culture, Moroccan rug captures the essence of color, texture and abstract art.

Rural production of rug from Morocco is remarkable for their essence, authentic modern designs. Generations of savage weavers made these formal and functional homebase rugs using double knot technique and 100% wool. Geometrical forms and bold, natural colors such as saffron, henna, indigo and crazy root used among others. Each design created as a means of personal expression and communication.

moroccan style rugs

Pattern & Texture

Patterns are traditional and ancient and vary by region and tribe, which prepare them. Since they are vernacular, their usage and thickness are also different. Heavy stacks are useful for the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. They may be lightweight according to the warm atmosphere of the Sahara desert.


The vibrant texture and one-off pattern of Moroccan rugs UK appreciated the fascinating designs of the Bauhaus and mid-century modern designers. This increased their popularity in the West. Synthesis of the rural, vintage Moroccan rug designs below the contemporary chrome. And the leather furniture designed to make a surprisingly enjoyable and well-matching combination.

Some Special Moroccan Rugs

The Beni Oran tribe lives in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and in the middle of the 20th century, They produce popular black and white homebase rugs. They are easily recognizable because they are generally colored with neutral colors, such as black and black colors of white and black, a shy pile and abstract geometric patterns.

moroccan pattern rugmoroccan print rugmoroccan rug salebrown rugmoroccan style rugs

The part of their appeal to modernists was the priority and imperfection of every carpet, and how they fit in a wonderful way with the modernist decor. This unique homebase rugs knitting process has proven the power of its living in the modern market. In recent years, the interest in bright patterns and the luxury of covering these luxurious floors has become prominent in the modern interior design. Whether you like the light of the Bouquetoite style – a kind of recycled cloth Moroccan rug – or the elegant simplicity of the Beni Ourain, a Moroccan pattern rug can be the right way to revive your living room.

Buy Moroccan Rug Online

The Moroccan rug can match with any type of interior and that’s the specialty of this type homebase rugs. And that is the reason behind the popularity of these Moroccan style rugs in this modern era. As we know due to the popularity of these type of Moroccan Rugs, some cheap Moroccan rug seller came in the market So you should avoid them. To do this you should buy Moroccan rugs only online from a prominent store. Like also the have the best collection of these type indoor-outdoor rugs crafted by ancient technique. You can buy our rugs from our home store at lowest under our rugs for sale offer. So, don’t wait and grab one for your home.

Eco-friendly Homebase Rugs Online for Home

Know About Eco-friendly Homebase Rugs

Environment Friend Homebase Rugs– It’s no longer a secret that preserving and protecting the environment is a top priority in the world today. We see it everywhere, even if it is driving us behind hybrid vehicles or on the roof Panel; People are taking a strong interest in reducing the level of pollution to the environment. They modifying many different aspects in their lives. And the trends in eco-friendly green interior design are no different.

moroccan rug

However, it does not take a new car or an expensive change in the home infrastructure to live the honest lifestyle of the environment. There are many small things that anyone can do that can make a big difference in the world around us. Keeping the environment in mind while shopping for basic home items is definitely a good place to start. It is always important to keep in mind that what material can be harmful to the environment while shopping for your home.

A good rule of thumb is to always remember to buy homebase rugs and products that can be preserved and reused several times. It is better to buy disposable items that you will finish throwing.

Is Moroccan Rug Eco-friendly?

There are many ways to decorate the interior of the house beautifully. And still remain loyal to the world around you. The items should be at the top of the list should be the Vintage Moroccan rug and carpet. These beautiful folk art homebase rugs, such as Barber Carpets and Beni Ourain rug, were handmade with the accessories from the old clothes and recycled clothes.

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The end result is a grand vintage Moroccan rug that is sure to attract praise from all those who face it. It is worth noting that since this area rug is completely made of materials that existed for many years before, no pollution was released completely on the planet, thus making them the most environment-friendly rug and environmentally friendly Or “green” rug is available. And you can get your favourite Moroccan style rugs at the lowest price under our rugs for sale offer.

A blend of beauty, affordability and positive environmental impact. Moroccan style rugs are an easy choice for the discerning and environmentally friendly consumer.

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Berber Moroccan Rug Collection For Sale

Beautiful Collection of Berber Moroccan Rug for Sale

After the gems in the Western world, the excessive demand for Moroccan rugs is increasing. Their beauty and complexity attract those fans who cannot be aware of their historical background. A unique style of rug is the Moroccan barber rug, which is also called Beni Ourain Rug, created by members of the Barbary tribes. Marocco sits on the coast of Northwest Africa and holds the famous Sahara Desert. Berbers live in different areas of Northwest Africa, including Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, and Morocco. The rug woven by the different tribes of Morocco is back to the date of the Paleolithic era, and their designs had specific cultural meanings. So here ins this blog we will discuss the beauty of that type Moroccan rug.

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Color and Pattern

You might be seen many types of Moroccan Style Rugs but Berber style is really amazing. The barber Moroccan rug is known for their less ornate, which often called the primitive design. Most different colors of white, basic but expressive pattern design colored using natural colors. Many of these type homebase rugs found black and white, but they can also be found with an array of colors. They can have diamond duplication patterns, overlap straight lines, or even zigzags, squares and stars. The mixture of these elements makes it different and more attractive than other type homebase rugs.

Material Type

Original Beni Ourain or Berber Moroccan rug is also popular for its quality thanks to one of Berber’s specialties: looped pattern. The thickness of the loop stack carpet can be characterized by more stability than the standard cut-heap carpet. Loops also left in their original pattern form, and the original barbarians Moroccan rugs UK woven with un-colored sheep wool. The loop style contributes to quality with stability. The mass produced rug, which can be a symbol of beauty and fashion on one side, can not be made into quality in mind. For example, the most common ingredients used for their products include synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyurethane, and polyester.

There is no history of representing quality and stability in these materials. The Barbary Moroccan rug made of organic materials such as sheep wool and colored with natural colors, such as indigo and saffron.

Use Of Moroccan Style Rugs

These homebase rugs initially woven for practical use. Such as to protect from cold temperatures of riffs or Atlas mountains. In fact, you can identify a specific thickness of the beni Ourain rug, which is directly related to the need for heat in the cold hilly area.

These homebase rugs also used for sleeping and even used as a clothing article. Additionally, the people of Beni Oran used the rug to honor the deceased through a process called shrouding. This included wrapping the body in the rug to prepare for burial.

Contemporary use of Benni Ourain Moroccan rug mostly limited to home decor. Their intelligent, soft vowels and design make them easier to integrate with the home decoration. From a chic to a neutral, traditional or contemporary, a Beber Moroccan style rugs fits right. These are available in many sizes like small, medium and large, which means that you can keep a rug for each room!

Where To Buy

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