Moroccan Rug History and its Benefits

All About History of Moroccan Rug and the Benefits of Having it

First of all, let’s know what the is indoor-outdoor rugs and then we talk about Moroccan rug. Basically, there is no such difference between the rug and carpet. You can use these two words, they are used alternatively. Both words are used to cover the floor. So instead of carpet, you can call the homebase rugs or vice versa. An area rug basically made of:

  • Wool,
  • Cotton,
  • Camel’s hair,
  • Synthetic Fibre,
  • Seagrasses,
  • Goat Hair

moroccan style rugs

These are basically a heavy piece of cloth, usually used to cover the floor, but it means a small pile is not that it will cover the whole floor. It will cover an area of the floor.

About Moroccan Rug

These rugs are originally made by Moroccan tribal people. These homebase rugs are being woven by the indigenous people of the Paleolithic era. Generally, tribals use it for their purpose, but nowadays it has become a fascinating thing that people are ready to buy. In the twentieth century, people from the west used to gather it in bundles and the tribal people of Morocco used to make it in number without asking or practicing it. They never trained anyone to make these Moroccan rugs UK. They used to solve it for their purpose, but people started to like it and it became a unique thing for them and they used to buy it to decorate their homes. We generally buy these Moroccan style rugs to decorate our homes, but the tribals used to make it solve their problems.

History & Concept of Moroccan Rugs

The concept of rugs in the front of the house is a very old concept of making the rug of Morocco. There is no such thing that we use, which is as old as Moroccan rug. They used to make it for their purpose. These rugs are of two types:

  1. one is very thick,
  2. Second is very light.

Those native people who used to live in the mountains, they used to make thick Moroccan rugs to cover them due to the extremely cold climate. And native people who lived in the Sahara desert, they used to make light Moroccan style rugs due to the hot climate. They used to make it cover their beds, even they used it as a blanket and burial coffin.

The Reason for Buying Moroccan Style Rugs

I think you should buy Moroccan rug because these are ancient things One of them you can keep in your house for decorative purpose. Generally, people buy it to decorate their homes. Instead of increasing the value, they do not lose value. The ancient thing that went from weavers to weavers is the Moroccan rug, which you can place in your house as a decorative purpose or you give it to anyone Because it is one of the oldest traditional things.

Tips to Get Best Homebase Rugs for Home

Best Tips to Search Homebase Rugs for Home Decor

The part of our daily work is guiding our user to the right homebase rugs and ensuring that these fit all their needs. We give all the guidelines according to the rug placement, traffic type, and according to use like heating it, showing it bigger, working a focal point, Or how to work with multiple indoor-outdoor rugs in one place. So here in this blog, I will give you best tips to help you in choosing the right type of are rugs flooring. Also, we will suggest you a rug store to find the right living room rugs according to your requirement. So, Let’s Start.

living room rugs

Homebase Rugs Colors

Do not spend hours trying to match colors exactly. It is not in nature, and if you work hard, you will end up artificially. A trick is often used by designers, especially when one room is scratch or in the room again, starting with a living room carpet and pulling the color options from there. If you’re afraid of being bold with color, then start with a little. Tribal rugs are a great start, they go with everything. Over-time, you’ll find a favorite color in it and you can match that color to the walls or vice versa. The big thing about the homebase rugs with so many colors and design elements is that you are not locked in any aspect and you can change the color of the walls several times on the rug of life.

Dark colored objects appear in small and light color contrast, causing objects or spaces to grow. If you are less then try to use a light colored living room rugs to see your room more broadly.

Many hang on colour matching, get an accurate shadow match. This is probably the most common disappointment. Relax. Colors do not match exactly. Golden Rule – Stick with the same color and it all will work perfectly. Think about the rose bed. All the colors of the rose do not match – In fact, a rose bush has hundreds of colors – different deer in the leaves, the color of the color in the petals. Colors have minimal problems.

Living Room Rugs Size

Number one mistake is getting an indoor-outdoor rug which is too small for most people. The homebase rugs could appear larger than the edges of the furniture. We want to say that any area rug size can work but some are very small. A small rug for living room looks out of the scale everything. These sets on the ground which remains for it. Also, be sure to check our floor area rugs shape guides.

Mixing of Homebase Rugs

The Mixing of homebase rugs and carpets can be easy. However, unlike matching your rugs with colors on the wall, if you have a color confrontation then your floor will be spoken aloud. Easy color is to stick to the same color palette but change the design. You can also start a natural living room carpet and work from there. If you want to go bold, do it! Just be careful about the bedroom rugs style. This technique of mixing generally works well for large size living room rugs.

Similar Homebase Rugs in Room

Regarding the same area rug, but in various sizes of the room, the simple reaction can certainly make you! We believe in what we want, works for you! A single indoor-outdoor rug can add a room and bring it together. It’s like adding plants to your entire place. However, if you do this, It will combine the color scheme in each area. Do not copy and paste the colors of your living room in your own dining room. Put a different flare at every place! But in the end, that sounds best to you! This is your place and you need to love it!

Warm Up Space

One area rug or carpet is one of those details that feel the decoration of your room “finished”. It can also help to soften hard surfaces like wood and tile floors, which can feel cold and feel cold underfoot … especially the long hallways which can be seen in the caves.

The most popular ingredients in the homebase rugs materials are wool, but synthetics and viscose also make a huge market share. Many people ask what content they should choose and the answers to us are always wool. However, wool has a higher price point than synthetics. Viscose is used as a replacement for silk. It feels like silk but gives it like wool. It also has the advantage of being a little easier on your pocketbook but keeps in mind, there is nothing real silk.

Where To Buy

As I discussed above that along with the homebase rugs online selection tips we will suggest you a store. So, if you want the best durable and attractive rugs online then you can choose from our store. We also have bets collection of handmade living room carpets craft by expert indoor-outdoor rug weavers. We have modern, transitional, Persian, shag, Moroccan rug, etc. at best discount. From our collection of living room rugs, you can choose the best quality rugs at the best price according to your home interior. So, don’t wait and buy one for your home.

Living Room Homebase Rugs Importance in Home

The Things Make Living Room Homebase Rugs Compulsory for Every Home

The homebase rugs are the most dynamic yet favorable products that have been in the market for centuries. They enjoyed an indispensable popularity among the public. You can not deny how curious interior designers and landlords want to include this beautiful product to enhance their home, whether it is a bedroom or living room.

living room rugs

Wherever it is kept in the living room rugs, there is the ability to make sublimation and aura of orbit. Apart from this, they are available in so many designs and colors that they will steal the hearts of all your guests. To find the best homebase rugs online, you will first find a good manufacturing company. If you are one of those people who are not really sure how the carpet and area rug can accelerate your home, here are some reasons why you are compelling enough to buy one now.

The Trend of the Future

Establishment of homebase rugs is to consistently incorporate many modern trends and innovations. It does not discount the value placed on the area rug. These have been a great asset for the people since they had intervened carefully by the horrific tribes of Central Asia several decades ago. Such floor covers were initially developed to provide the ability to withstand cold. This was usually done with the help of sheepskin. Over time, it has been replaced with aesthetically attractive and more practical clothes.

Now, when it comes to renewing schools, offices, houses, and other facilities, carpets are an essential part of the decoration. Since they are available in different price limits, people with different economic conditions can easily afford it. It has changed the living room rugs in a timeless product.

These Can Change Your Mood

The homebase living room rugs can have a significant impact on your mood. The cushioning and soft texture of this product have the ability to create a sense of intimacy and harmony. Everywhere, with the inclination pile, the owner is quite enjoyable to walk bare feet to embrace the magical appeal of the house. You will be bombarded with touch stimuli that no other product is capable of providing. Studies have also shown that area rugs are capable of producing positive emotional responses. Their colors also affect the mood very much. So when you buy online designer rugs UK, find something that can create a positive feeling.

Rugs Provide Protection

Homebase Rugs at home will increase the safety factor. When there is a rug on the floor, there is less chance of facing accidents. If you fall, then the indoor-outdoor rug will provide additional protection to avoid any serious injury. This is very beneficial for those who share home with older people or younger children.

The rug is known for being thermal resistant and can trap the hot air for long periods of time. Handmade homebase rugs known to warm you during the winter and keep the house cool during the summer.  For these reasons the living room rugs become popular among the people. So do not wait anymore, get one for your home today. If you want to buy one then you can get from us at an amazing discount.

Eco-friendly Homebase Rugs Online for Home

Know About Eco-friendly Homebase Rugs

Environment Friend Homebase Rugs– It’s no longer a secret that preserving and protecting the environment is a top priority in the world today. We see it everywhere, even if it is driving us behind hybrid vehicles or on the roof Panel; People are taking a strong interest in reducing the level of pollution to the environment. They modifying many different aspects in their lives. And the trends in eco-friendly green interior design are no different.

moroccan rug

However, it does not take a new car or an expensive change in the home infrastructure to live the honest lifestyle of the environment. There are many small things that anyone can do that can make a big difference in the world around us. Keeping the environment in mind while shopping for basic home items is definitely a good place to start. It is always important to keep in mind that what material can be harmful to the environment while shopping for your home.

A good rule of thumb is to always remember to buy homebase rugs and products that can be preserved and reused several times. It is better to buy disposable items that you will finish throwing.

Is Moroccan Rug Eco-friendly?

There are many ways to decorate the interior of the house beautifully. And still remain loyal to the world around you. The items should be at the top of the list should be the Vintage Moroccan rug and carpet. These beautiful folk art homebase rugs, such as Barber Carpets and Beni Ourain rug, were handmade with the accessories from the old clothes and recycled clothes.

modern rugs ukmoroccan rugs ukmoroccan berber rugmoroccan pattern rugrugs uk

The end result is a grand vintage Moroccan rug that is sure to attract praise from all those who face it. It is worth noting that since this area rug is completely made of materials that existed for many years before, no pollution was released completely on the planet, thus making them the most environment-friendly rug and environmentally friendly Or “green” rug is available. And you can get your favourite Moroccan style rugs at the lowest price under our rugs for sale offer.

A blend of beauty, affordability and positive environmental impact. Moroccan style rugs are an easy choice for the discerning and environmentally friendly consumer.

Where To Buy

We respect all the peoples those worried about the environmental pollution and inviting eco-friendly things in their life. To encourage them we are presenting our best collection of handmade Moroccan rug at the lowest price. You can avail this discount under rugs for sale using the coupon code “SUMMER10”. By using this code get discount up to 75%+10%Extra on homebase rugs you will purchase. So, don’t wait and grab your favourite rugs online from our Homestore at best price.

Best Homebase Rugs Online for Home Decor

Best Collection Adorable Hand-knotted Homebase Rugs Online

The homebase rugs are now widely used for floor covering to decorate homes, hotels, bungalows beautifully. Nowadays, the use of hand-knotted rugs becomes the first choice of any interior or exterior designing.

rugs online

These decorative hand-knotted rugs UK are now used not only for floor covering but also for home decor purpose. Many rugs manufacturers also start production of indoor-outdoor rugs according to the huge demand for area rugs online in UK. These are widely used everywhere because of its advantages, which are mention below:-

  • It is a Perfect Option For Floor covering.
  • It Protect us from cold floors.
  • Some Anti-skid large rugs protect us from slipping.
  • Living room rugs UK help to keep warm our home.

Some of the homebase rugs for sale have additional advantages like home decoration and home furnishing.

Specified Homebase Rugs on the Basis of Their Uses

We have specified some of the rugs online with their uses like-

 Runner Rugs- It’s a term that is used to describe rugs that is long and narrow sizes. The runner rugs are usually rectangular in design, although you can also find them in a few other unusual shapes too. These living room rugs UK are for stairs and hallways.

Round Rugs- These type of homebase rugs have various purposes, they can keep the place warm, define a space and create a statement; they are definitely the ultimate designing tool. For homeowners who have an open floor plan or those who have a hard-floor surface. A Round living room rug is the best option for decorating the living room, bedroom and kitchen also.

Rectangle Rugs- Most of the rectangle hand-knotted living room rugs are best for large spaces like living rooms, drawing rooms, office. Good for when you need something long and thin, like a hallway runners or a kitchen rugs

moroccan style rugslarge shaggy rugspersian rugs ukvintage rugsmodern rugs uk

Types of Homebase Rugs

Persian Rugs- These type of area rugs gives your floor a traditional and royal. Persian rugs are best durable large rugs so people may fold or bring anywhere as well as placed easily at the floor. These living room rugs are most famous because of its unique oriental desings, give this an appealing look.

Modern Rugs- The modern look is the symbol of high profile personality. We all are designing our lifestyle with modern things to become a part of high-class society. So install modern rugs to give your home a modernize look instantly.

Kilim Rugs- These are best and suitable for home decor. These type of large rugs also known as flat weave made by flat knitting the wool or cotton. These are cheap rugs and are most suitable for high traffic areas and it is easy to maintain at the same time.

Moroccan Rug- These type of large rugs are the world’s most beautiful and decorative rugs UK. The rustic and natural heat of a Moroccan rug will immediately brighten the cool or rigid interior. And it can bring a seasonal pop color to a white-white place. Their authenticity and handmade quality really excited and today gives a lot of personality to many synthetic interiors.

Shag Rug- If we ever heard word “shag” then things came into our mind are gentle soft touch and light-colored long hairy surface. We all love shaggy feel that’s why we have bought shag rug. If you install this type of area rug in your home, your love towards shaggy feel became increase.

Where to Buy Homebase Rugs

So if you are searching for homebase rugs online store in the UK to buy one, then visit an only most prominent store. Rugsville is also a trusted store where you can find best quality indoor-outdoor rugs crafted by the expert rug artisans. Here you can find best flooring solution for your floors like Transitional, Tribal, Modern, Persian, Moroccan rug, etc. at the big discount. Because we are offering Summer Sale. Under this offer, the customer can avail huge discount up to 75%+10% Off Extra by using Promo Code ” SUMMER10″. So, don’t wait and steal this amazing offer today running at adorable beautiful Indoor-outdoor rugs online.

Beautiful Christmas Gifts For Your Home

Give Best Christmas Gift For Home In the Form Of Beautiful Rugs Online

As the Christmas gifts are going very near the people excitement is also increasing. People are going crazy in thinking of best Christmas gifts for someone. But during in this festival season, most of the peoples got to forget about people gifting their own home.

Christmas decoration sale on rugs

So here we bring you beautiful Christmas Gifts for your home in the form of beautiful rugs to beautify our home. By offering our rugs to your home you and your home will feel happy along with you. So, visit our Online Home Store to watch amazingly crafted, full of attractive designs, designer rugs online in uk at best price.

Beautiful Shaggy Rugs

On that beautiful occasion, we bring you a surprising Christmas gifts for your beautiful home. By our this gifts, you will feel like home improvement expert because our shaggy rugs are made for very quick home improvement.

Shaggy rugs for sale

In our online home, we added some special shaggy rugs online in our store. Our beautiful shag rugs are known for durability, modern designs, and comfortability. To achieve this our rug weavers and designer made lots of efforts in crafting these. If you purchase any rug from us you can get a huge discount during this Christmas Eve. So here we are representing one of your shag area rugs, you will love it.

Tribal Rugs

We bring you very attractive Christmas Gift In the form of amazing tribal Art. The word “Tribal” is stands for old traditional designs, it can be from any regions of the globe.

Tribal designer rugs uk

The Tribal art is known for meaningful designs and these are like the blessing of our ancestors to save us from any calamities. So, On that Christmas Eve, we decided to make these blessing alive by crafting these tribal pictures by weaving. If you are planning to renovate your home and want to convert your home Improvement into perfect Christmas Decorations you should install a Tribal Rugs, this will feel you and your family secure. To buy Tribal Rugs online in uk with a big discount, you can visit our online home decor store.

Designer Kilim Rugs

The Kilims Rugs In UK is the common thing which can be easily found in every home but our Kilims rugs are very special. Our Kilims rugs are the result of hard work, dedication, creativity. In our kilim rugs, you can see an amazing evolution, our rugs are crafted by latest modern techniques and designs as you can see in our Christmas Gift Rugs Collection.

Kilim rugs uk online

For example, we crafted beautiful attractive kilim by creating spiral using colorful pieces of clothes. Its really seems like round candies bind up each other or a part of the comic book. So, this designer kilim can be a beautiful Christmas Gift for Your Home. To Buy this you can visit Rugsville- Home Store Online. On Christmas Eve we are also offering huge discount along with free shipping on all decorative Rugs.






Tips To Choose Perfect Carpet and Flooring For Home

 Why and How to Choose Perfect Carpet and Flooring to Make Beautiful Your Home?

Rugs & Carpet Flooring also was the part of our lifestyle in Kingdom Era in India. According to people as modernization came the use of carpet become less. But as we think in deep, the reason behind less decrease in the trend of Rug carpet flooring is not modernization but it is due to Global warming. In India, we can see the major change in the environment today since last few years the environment is heating up rapidly. To drop down to room temperature the peoples of India stopped using rug and carpet flooring. But there are several advantages those will pretend you to welcome the trend of carpet and flooring in your lifestyle.

floor rugs online uk

Advantages of Carpet and Flooring

There are many benefits of using carpet and flooring those will definitely make you feel that this trend will definitely improve your lifestyle. These points are related to your safety, style, home decor, etc. let’s discuss on these points:

  • Carpets and flooring really help in maintaining room temperature.
  • Help in making floor non-skid while using rugs with a rug pad.
  • Keep your feet smooth and dust free.
  • Also, help in Home Improvement.
  • A Rug and Carpet Flooring can be a best friend in winter season because it will keep you away from the cold floor.
  • Some rug and carpet and flooring required low maintenance.

And many more advantages of carpet floor are also running in your mind after reading above points.

How to Choose Perfect Carpet and Flooring

The selection of rugs flooring pattern, style, texture not difficult task but plays an important role in Home Improvement. A good combination of color, pattern, the style will diffinatelly make your home improvement more effective. So, here are the points those will definitely help you in the selection of Choose Perfect Carpet and Flooring:

  • Color Selection: Select color according to your living room color.
  • Pattern Selection: The best part in the selection of floor rugs is a selection of best pattern. The pattern of floor carpet and rug must not full of panic while seeing it and should be matched with your living room theme.
  • StyleStyle of rug and carpet should be suite your style or the style you want to give your home interior. You can choose among Traditional, Persian, Kilims, Tribal, Sari Silk, Traditional floor rugs according to taste.
  • Shape: A rug and carpet flooring must cover most of the area of your living room.
  • Texture: The texture of floor carpet and rug must be chosen according to the placement of your rug. If you have a long pile rug and carpet flooring shaggy then you should place it in low traffic area. For high traffic areas choose low pile area rug is best.

If you are searching for Perfect Rug Flooring which can match your requirement and theme of your Home. Visit Rugsville-Premier Home Store Online and get a huge discount along with free shipping.