Runner Rugs To Make Your Home Entrance Pretty

Rug Runners for Hallways To Make Your Home Entrance Amazing

Do you want to add “Wow” factor to your home? It is necessary to find some ideas to decorate your entrance path as it is the first area, when people will see walking in your house, it is important that you spend a little extra time so that you can reflect on the subject that you Want your house Your entrance should make a statement, and I have gathered some simple and inexpensive ways which are just that! For this, you should try our runner rugs for the hallway. If you are looking for best rug runners for hallway ideas then you’ll love to read this.

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Ideas To Make Hallway Decoration Easy

Do not allow all the different ideas to suppress yourself to decorate your entrance. Instead, paste on a neutral topic, where some colors of the pop are made, selecting only one item to be part of the state will allow your area to actually stand out. Beautiful and unique runner rugs uk for your hallway entrance The best statement is that. The style and size of the runner rugs chosen by you depend on the dimensions of your entry path. If you want to see your rug as amazing, then you have to choose the right size rugs and runners.

Rug Runners For Narrow Hallway

Runners are ideal for entry routes like thin hallway rugs and runners, hollows. Keep in mind that there is heavy traffic in this runner rugs, so you will want to pick runner rugs for hallway that can hold well against the constant usage. Wool runner rugs UK are the great option because they are highly durable. Before you choose a living room rug size, measure the width of your entrance door. To make the best visual effect, it is important to leave a 4-inch space on each side of the homebase rugs. This black wool runner rugs flooring can be a beautiful statement piece!

Runner Rugs For Large entrance

If you have a large, open entrance, then there is a way to go round rugs. These look beautiful alone or are placed under a roundtable. They are specific, and will immediately catch your guest’s eye. Round rubbles also work well to soften the straight lines of a room, which add to your place. For the best placement, be sure to leave the place around your throat.

With so many ideas to decorate your entrance path, you can feel overwhelmed and feel more than the budget you do not have! Without spending a lot of money, it is possible to fully design the entry path of your dreams. To save is to buy a trick factory directly. Buying In This Way You can buy the best quality Rugs Online for less than retail prices. If you want this benefits without trapped and waisting time then you should visit Here will find the best collection of handknotted runner rugs online made of best quality wool, jute, silk, etc. Also, you can grab your favorite one like Persian, Tribal, Moroccan rugs, etc. with huge discount under our “rugs for sale” offer.


Runner Rugs: Best Flooring Solution For Narrow Spaces

Best Collection of Runner Rugs To Give Attractive Look To Your Narrow Spaces

Runner rugs – It’s a term that is used to describe rugs that are long and narrow sizes. These rugs are usually rectangular in design, although you can also find them in a few other unusual shapes too. Carpet and runner rugs for hallways and stairs are great design accessories that can instantly give any room atmosphere. Their various patterns and colors can complement surrounding furniture and paintings and really help set the “mood” of the room. Not only that, they have a variety of practical benefits that can ensure the well-being of any home. If you are interested in rug runners but don’t know exactly what they are or what they are used for, this is definitely the place for you!

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Purpose of Runner Rugs

So you may be asking: what’s the purpose of a runner rug? Sure, your hallways, kitchen or your stairs will be alright without one – but that’s just the point. You don’t want just “alright” rooms… do you? So, If you are anything like I am, then I’m sure you want to take every room to the next level. That includes your hallways and stairs. Use only good quality rug runners for hallways and stairs. But you should to choose the best matching according to your home interior.

Runner Rugs Sizes

As one might expect, a rug runner can vary in length and size. This is because hallways and staircases are not always the same length. You don’t need to worry about buying a runner rug if your hallway or staircase is shorter (or conversely, if it is longer) than average. There are plenty of places you can find that will sell you customized long runner rugs for your house.

  • On the long end, rugs and runners can run up to (pun intended) about twenty-five feet—but of course, that does not need to be the limit.
  • I know what you’re probably thinking: twenty-five feet?! And, yes! Long runners have been in style for as long as I can remember – and I predict they will remain in style for a long, long time.
  • The advantage of long runner rugs is that they help your hallway to look even longer. This means you can add dramatic effect and really cast a great atmosphere over your hallway. This is especially true if you line your hallway walls with a variety of photographs or paintings.
  • The same can be said about your staircase. You can make your staircase look regal with simple runners. You can even make it look as if you are walking the red carpet!

Runner Rugs Designs

  • Because every house is different, there are too many styles of runners to count. Whiles some runners rely on simple colors, others, especially those from other cultures, make use of more cultural designs.
  • You can see this in the runners of the Middle East. If you’ve ever heard of Gabbeh rugs, then you know that the Middle East as a long and complex history of producing high-quality Afghan carpets.
  • The same is true for Rug runners.
  • There are really great runner rugs of varying designs to come out of countries such as Turkey, Iraq, and Iran. These runners have rectangular designs that contain either monochrome or various colors.
  • You can use these colors to your advantage.
  • For example, if your hallways are white or beige, it might be a good idea to purchase a runner that matches the monochrome nature of your hallways. This is also true for staircases, of course.
  • On the other hand, you can also use rug runners with bright primary colors to spruce up a dead atmosphere. This is perfect for those houses that need an extra touch.

History of Runner Rugs

  • It may surprise you to learn that rugs have a history of almost three thousand years old.
  • Yes, you read that right. Isn’t it amazing how something we consider so stylish today has been around that long?
  • Many of the oldest rugs have been discovered around the Middle East region, with some of the oldest being found in present-day Armenia. These rugs date from around the 7th century BCE. And some rugs from the 5th century BCE are still around today.
  • In all seriousness, Rug runners have a long, cultural history that automatically transmits the depth of their importance to any room.
  • Another great aspect of this historical importance is that it tells you that these living room rugs are authentic. Though we live in a world today saturated with mass-produced and machine-created objects, we can take comfort in the fact that some things just don’t change. And a good runner is one of those things.
  • It’s always great to know that we can go out and purchase a handmade rug runner. This authenticity is exactly what every homeowner seeks when buying and decorating a home. And it can help add a personal touch to your home. Whenever you see your runner, you will know that it was not made by some gray and dull machine in a factory that you would never want to visit, but by a real human being with a history and story all of her own.
  • Owning your own runner rug means you will be able to participate in the long and significant history living room rugs have had in our world. It’s time to add your own chapter!


By now, you should have no doubt of the benefit runner rugs can bring to any home. Apart from being internationally stylish, historically significant and efficient even today in the modern world, runners simply provide a sense that you know what you are doing. You are someone who knows a good opportunity when she sees one, and you are also someone with a great sense of style.

It’s hard not to appreciate the simple, yet the varied beauty of a good hallway or staircase runner. And it’s also hard not to appreciate the long history they are part of—the history of living room rugs worldwide that have greatly influenced how we operate in the world today. Whether your interest is in long runner rugs or short cheap runner rugs, you will definitely love your selection!

Where To Buy Runner Rugs

So, if you really want to buy good quality long runner rugs in UK. You should visit only most trusted and popular online rugs and runners stores. Rugsville is also an established and reliable living room Rug store in Los Gatos, California. Here you can find the great rug collection of traditional, floral, designer, tribal, modern style runner rugs for sale and other collection also at best price with free shipping delivery. So, don’t wait and grab amazing offers at our online home store.

Perfect Places To Use Runner Rugs In Your Home

Best Spaces to Install Your Runner Rugs at Home

Many of peoples don’t know about the runner rugs or maybe not heard before about it. But we are sure they saw these type of area rugs many time may be in store, television serials, etc. These type of rugs are looks like other type rugs but these are longer in comparison to its width that’s why its look little bit differ from another type rugs. So, because of its special shape its installation is also differ and here we are going to aware of the perfect places to install these rugs. Also, we will tell you about the store from where you can buy these runner rugs.

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1. A Hallway

If your home has a long, monotonous hallway then you can create interest by installing a beautiful runner rug. As their shape matches perfectly that’s why these are most commonly used in hallways. But to keep your expensive runner in perfect condition for a long time, you should choose low traffic area. If you are searching for the best collection of rug runners for hallways, you can visit our online home store.

2. On Stairs

Generally, the major accident occurs in most of the home is due to slippery stairs. To reduce the probability of happening these type accidents in the home you can install runner rugs. This will make your stair very attractive, will increase friction underfoot to give grip to your feet, reduce noise and preserve stairs, etc. As these rugs can be customized according to your stairs. So the installation of the rug runner is so simple.

3. The Entryway

As we ever heard idioms that is “The first impression is the last impression”. So, According to this your home only an entryway of your home can decide the whole beauty of your home. To give your home an attractive, elegant look you can install a runner rug of having beautiful designs on it.

4. Next To The Bed

Let’s suppose you wake up and your feet touch the dirty floor, you will really don’t like this. We, all love soft, gentle bouncy floor and it can only be achieved by installing a runner rug beside of your bed. It will also protect your bed from getting dust on it by cleaning your feet regularly.

5. A Studio Apartment or Open Floor Plan

To define areas and separate spaces of your rooms separated by walls you can use runner rugs. If you want to give your bedroom, living room, hall, etc. by installing a runner rug and searching for best rug store for it you can visit Rugsville- Online Home Store. Only here, you can get you best matching runner rugs at best price.