Overdyed Rugs- A Perfect Flooring Solution For Contemporary Look

Invite Attractive Overdyed Rugs to Get Authentic Contemporary Look

Glittering, Shiny overdyed rugs fill living rooms with dynamic color and pattern. Also sold under the name “Color Reform rugs,” these decorative modern rugs types are the popular choice for all decor themes – from the eclectic bohemian rooms to more traditional and modern. Overdyed Modern rugs can change the entire look of your living room and bedroom with minimal effort customization. By these type of modern rugs like overdyed rugs, you can fill your dull room with colors.

overdyed area rugs

About Overdyed Rugs

Modern rugs like Overdyed are actually antique homebase that is preserved in an intricate dying process. The steps in our overdyeing process are relatively straightforward. We take well-preserved antique designer homebase rugs that mainly originates from the Ottoman Empire. They are desaturated, washed with a vibrant (or muted) dye, then washed again by hand to create a luxuriously plush pile.

overdyed area rugsmodern rugs ukmodern rugs for salemodern wool rugsmodern style rugs

Perfecting these simple steps is where the generations of experience come into play and are where many other area rug firms get it wrong. Overdyed rugs UK for flooring from “Rugsville” made by skilled artisans will not only retain the intricate pattern of the existing cheap homebase rugs – but cleverly add to its character with modern organic dyes that bring a new vibrancy to your chosen style of antique rug.

Overdyed Rugs Key Details

  • Imported wool from both Pakistan & New Zealand
  • Hypoallergenic & allergy-free
  • Cruelty-free wool guaranteed
  • All organic vegetable dyes
  • Hand-knotted Persian style & durability
  • Hand washed for ultimate softness
  • Created by skilled artisans in only 2-3 weeks

Why You Should Choose Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed modern rugs are a must whether you are going to reform a living space with color or designing a room for the first time. These decorative designer rugs give neutral rooms that much-needed burst of color. Find a beautifully saturated overdyed Moroccan rug and you can keep walls and furniture white, grey or beige. Then, put up artwork that has the colors from the homebase rugs. Once you choose accent pillows from the artwork and rug, you have an amazing room! You can also choose to buy overdyed rugs UK. Contact us to find out how to get a rug no one else has.

Choose Best Rooms For Overdyed Rugs

Bold overdyed Modern rugs beautify every room in your home with splashes of color. But to be honest, there are some rooms that are just more suited to these works of art than others.

Overdyed Rugs For Living Rooms

Whether you placing it in the living room, great room, or family room, a large overdyed rugs for living room (8×10 or larger) is perfect for places of conversation. These rooms typically have lots of furniture and space to entertain. Give them something to talk about with a fantastic statement piece.

Overdyes Rugs For Bedroom

When you are decorating your bedroom, choose large rugs UK  that can fit under the bed entirely.

Now you have a lot of room for creativity! You can either have a cheerfully colorful room and use complimentary colors in your pillows and wall art. Or you can let the homebase rugs take center stage and use neutral or white bedding and muted wall art. What direction you choose to go, the overdyed modern rugs are perfect in the bedroom to improve decoration.

Use Color to Reform Your Room with Popular Overdyed Rugs

Rugsville overdyed living room rugs flooring is the varying shades of red, blue, brown and green. Surprisingly, black is another very popular choice – it is so dramatic and goes well in really glamorous living rooms.

Pink– The symbolism behind the color pink is passion, power, and love. Pink rug is a force to be reckoned with in a room. A number of people buy the Pink Modern overdyed Rugs UK online because they want to give feel warm to your living room.

Blue Blue is on the opposite end of the spectrum. It has a cool feeling to it. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.

When people use blues in their home decor, they are often trying to achieve feelings of calm and relaxation. Blues and purples both elicit very soothing emotions. Blue overdyed modern rugs for flooring – whether deep navy or bright aqua – is always a fantastic addition.

Green Overdyed Rugs– In addition to the common association with money, green is also the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. It is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, and freshness. The dazzling green overdyed rugs online make your room come to life. For neutral, earthy rooms, a green rug is a perfect backdrop for a plethora of creative expression.

Order Now Overdyed Rug

First of all, decide which color of overdyed rugs UK you want to buy? If you are looking at our overdyed or modern rugs for sale we have in stock and can’t find the right color which you want, then you can order custom. Let us help you reform your space.

Ordering a custom overdyed modern rugs is so super simple. The longest it will take for a completely custom made rugs online to arrive at your door is 3-4months. So, its time to visit our online home store and click on “Overdyed rugs” button at the homepage and place an order after selecting your favorite one. Like overdyed rugs, we have large rugs collection of other type handknotted rugs. We have Persian, Kids, Transitional, Tribal, Moroccan, Modern rugs, etc. at best price.

Some Cheap Rugs You Should Buy Online From Our Home Store

View & Buy Cheap Rugs Online To Complete Your Home Decorations In Budget

Quality living room rugs can be expensive. The price of authentic for living room can be more expensive than that of your car. But here’s why:

Many rug retailers, they buy homebase rugs at wholesale prices, mark them, and sell them for a big profit. And they can do this because almost everyone is doing the same thing. At Rugsville- Online Home Store, we connect our living room homebase rugs with hand knot and set them at the best prices. Then we sell them directly to customers and interior designers. We leave the intermediary to avoid markup while keeping our oriental rugs 100% authentic with guaranteed quality.

In this article, our most popular cheap rugs are being sold at the best prices. And it includes 5 quality, inexpensive or cheap area rugs online from other retailers who will not break the bank.

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Modern Rug

It can be hard to find affordable modern rugs uk, which do not sacrifice quality and style, especially in a world where many manufacturers are constantly trying to reduce prices (which means less quality and stability ).Such modern rugs and online carpets can be splendid in some rooms and with different types of furniture. They come in various designs and colors, so I can not make any direct suggestions but you can not go wrong with modern rugs and carpets in almost any room.

Moroccan Rugs

These  Moroccan rugs are covered with 100% wool. In these type of living room rugs UK, there are usually large geometric patterns which are multiplied by the piece. You will also find very light browns, blues, and greens in this style, which go well with dark furniture and surroundings. And Moroccan carpets are thinner than their counterparts. It means less material, which reduces prices. As our tribal pattern, Moroccan rugs are 100% handmade and these can be thick but low in cost. So, if you buy homebase rugs from us you will get a quality product and the prices equivalent to cheap rugs UK.

Overdyed rugs

Overdyed rugs are most popular and famous in homebase rugs world for their beautiful designs and dark, vibrant colors stand out in the crowd. These large rugs feature an exquisite design in the form of modern and Peshawar Chobi Ziggers, but it is revived through the over dining process. The artisans have generations of craftsmanship under their belt, and they use hand-knotted antique homebase rugs, hand-washed, especially with all the natural vegetable dyes. It ensures that your new piece not only likes the eyes but is also for the environment.

Kilim  Rugs

The Kilim Rugs are thin compared to most other living room rugs styles, they are light, flat and light in texture. This homebase is produced in Central Asia and the Middle East, and they are usually made of wool. They offer bright colors, geometric shapes (as you can see above), and feature bold design. Their popularity arises from the number of places from which they are produced around the world. And in different texts in which they are made (such as Turkish Kilimiz, Anatolian Kelimiz, Adivasi Kilimimus and Soumak Kilims). Due to the low content used, they are also cheaper than many other styles of oriental rugs for flooring, giving them the right choice on the budget for new living room rugs buyers or other buyers. If you want to buy these rugs on the price of cheap rugs then you can visit our online store.

Transitional Area  Rugs

The Transitional, in this sense, the combination of two different styles (contemporary and traditional) means. You can see the contemporary style of this online carpets in your sharp pattern, while its arrangement and colors are also traditional. This mixture creates a truly unique design that you will not find in many other genres. If you have a flurry of uniqueness and modern antiquity, then the transitional is going to look. If you are in search of best matching handknotted transitional area rugs then visit Rugsville. Here you will find best large rugs collection and prices  similar to cheap rugs

So, if you want to buy these type low cost online carpets for the living room in India. Then visit the only prominent online home store. Rugsville is also famous home store for living rugs. Here you will find the high-quality handmade rugs for sale at the discounted price. Also with free shipping.

Surprising Secrets Behind Overdyed Rugs

All The Secrets Behind Overdyed Rugs

The Overdyed rugs are also known with the name distressed rugs. These type of rugs is the beautiful result of crossover between fashion and home décor. And in short duration, these type of rugs become very popular around the world. Because by this technique people got a chance to use their million dollars rugs in a new look. Also, this blast change in rug industries allows the people to preserve beautiful memories attached with their rugs. Like this,  there are many beautiful things about overdyed rugs after knowing these you will really fall in love with these type of Rugs. So, here we make you aware of all the beautiful things related to overdyed rugs by revealing all the secrets behinds it.

overdyed rugmodern rugs ukmodern rugs for salelarge modern rugsmodern style rugs

Manufacturing of Overdyed Rugs

Manufacturing of these type rugs so simple but after getting positive results of this experiment, many rugs makers are following different techniques. And here, we will explain about simple techniques used in making these type of rugs steps by steps.

Step1: Selection of Rugs

Before applying any dye on the rug to make it an overdyed rugs you should choose a right rug. Because there are many rugs type on which the effect of dye will become vain. Like, the hand-tufted rugs the made by punching a design into a stenciled canvas and this not allow the dye to fully absorb. So, the hand-tufted rugs can’t convert into these type rugs.  But on some type rugs made of polypropylene, silk, etc the effect of dyes can be negligible because these materials do not have ability to absorb color dye. These type of rugs cannot be transformed into overdyed rugs. So, you can convert only wool, cotton made rugs in an overdyed rug.

Step2: Washing

In this step, some residue is removed by merging the rugs in water and rinsing the rugs after applying detergent on it.

Step3: Desaturation

Under this step, the rug is dipped in warm water with a combination of Soda Ash and Thiox. After that, the rug goes through a gentle agitation process and finishes with soaking in a bath. By this process, the original color of the rug becomes extracted out from it.

Step 4 Dyeing

In this step this, the rugs goes through the soaking process with the hand mixed dye. Under this, the rug submerged in citric acid mixed hot water. After this process, a brilliant saturated color is achieved. But for getting a quality result, the rug weaver must use vegetable dyes.

Step 5 Rinsing and Drying

After above steps, the dyed rug is allowed to drained and after that, it goes through a washing process to remove excess dye. After that, the rug is allowed to dry.

Where To Buy

If you are searching something for modern rugs to give your living room an authentic modern look then you should visit our online home store. Because here you will get the best collection of overdyed rugs those are prepared in many ways. We have patchwork overdyed rugs those are prepared by cutting a rug in pieces, joining again and dyed over it. Many traditional overdyed rugs prepared by taking vintage traditional rugs and dyeing over it, you’ll definitely love these.  So, don’t wait and visit Rugsville Online Home Store to get the best deals on all type rugs with free shipping




Best Home Decor Store for Decorative Rugs Online In UK

A Home Decor Store Where You Can Find Best Class Decorative Rugs Online In UK

In UK, Peoples are generally using rugs and carpet of old trendsfor flooring. The reason behind it is that, they don’t know where they can find the best designer rugs in UK. In search of beautiful designer large rugs they generally choose local markets where they can find only fake and bad quality rugs. The main reason behind of getting bad quality rug is lack of knowledge about rug such as the material used in making, weaving, rug type etc. So, if you want a best area rug you should go online because only there you can find well described good quality large rugs online UK. And only at online marketplaces, you can get the benefit of flexible shopping means you can easily return items or refund.

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So, We are also an Online marketplace for known for Beautiful Designer Rugs Online in UK. We are also offering our products in countries like USA, India, Canada, etc. And we are doing this not only for business but doing for your love and likes for our rugs. So, here we proudly present some of our rugs with appealing designs, full of best features, etc. To decor your living room, sure you will love our collection.

Tribal Rugs

Tribal Rugs are the very beautiful type of area rugs which is well known for its beautiful patterns. The Tribal rugs are is the beautiful and amazing example of Ancient Art. Due to its hand knotted weave type, it is best for durability. We also have the best collection of Tribal carpets and rugs in many patterns like Tribal Beni Ourain, Moroccan, Ikat Traditional, etc. So, on our online Home Store, you can find all type of rugs online in for your living room. We are also offering big discount for making your Christmas Decorations easy and in the budget. So, it’s a very good time to grab this deal.

TrIbal rugs for sale

Overdyed Rugs

The overdyed is a beautiful result of the evolution of area rugs. The overdyed rugs are generally used to give modern look to your home. The trend of use of overdyed rugs is continuously increasing in western countries. After watching the graph of demand in UK we are also brought you some in our collection of rugs. Our beautiful overdyed rugs are beautifully generated using best-weaved hand knotted area rugs and applying long lasting vegetable colours to give a chemical-free harmless rug. So, if you are planning to decorate your home by giving a perfect modern look you can visit and buy one overdyed area rugs online UK.

Overdyed rugs for sale


Kilims Rugs

The use of Kilims rugs is the oldest trend for flooring purpose and for sitting for some time on the floor. These type of flooring carpets or rugs is famous because it is reversible.

kilims rugs for sale

These area rugs and carpets are prepared by using a flat weaving technique that why some peoples also know this rug with its weave type. In India, this rug is famous with another name “Dhurries”. This type of is can be the best choice for your home because of its best features such as:

  • Durable
  • Reversible
  • Best in designs
  • Low cost
  • Require low maintenance, etc.

We have also a beautiful collection of Kilims rugs in many patterns like modern, traditional, contemporary, tribal, etc. If you buy any rugs from us you can get huge discount on all rugs with free shipping. So, don’t wait for anyone, grab this hot deals by buying your beautiful decorative rugs online in UK.

Beautiful Things Behind Patchwork Vintage Color Wash Rugs

All Things About Patchwork Vintage  Color Wash Rugs

We almost know about the importance of Rugs in Home. We are using rugs for decorating our homes by giving many type looks such as modern, traditional, Tribal, Contemporary. Now we know, rugs can transform our home as we like. Today people buying Persian, Kashmir, silk, Jaipur Rugs in the UK for giving their home a royal traditional look. For modern look they contemporary, ikat, modern area rugs are widely used in home decor. But, did you ever tried beautiful Patchwork Vintage Color Wash Rugs Online UK. Here, we are going to discuss beautiful things related to Patchwork Vintage Color Wash Rugs manufacturing, installation, care, advantages and where to buy online in the UK.Rugsville vintage color wash rugs online uk


If we ever heard about “Patchwork Vintage Color Wash” word we can easily imagine the manufacturing of this area rug. So, for understanding this rugs manufacturing we are describing the whole process in the form of points-

  • Here word “vintage” is for because for manufacturing this beautiful rug patchwork vintage rugs are used
  • These patchwork vintage rugs then cut in many pieces.
  • After that, these pieces are joint by tightly stitching in the rectangular shape.
  • Then this rug is ready for final process color which is a color wash.
  • In this process, the stitched area rug is the color wash. This color chosen for color washed,  different from the actual color of the prepared area rugs.
  • After that, the rug allowed to dry.
  • Then this rug forwarded for the finishing process. Then your patchwork vintage color wash prepared for Home Decor.

Specialty of Patchwork Vintage Color Wash Rugs

After reading out the manufacturing of patchwork vintage color wash area rug you must want to know about the advantage and specialty of this area rug. So, here we are dictating the most beautiful things about this area rugs.

  • Due to tight stitching for joining the pieces of area rugs the durability of this area rug is also increased.
  • It looks like a piece of modern art. So, if you want to give your home a modern look then Patchwork Vintage Color Wash Rugs is the best option.
  • One thing is for this patchwork vintage color wash rug is its color which makes it more special. Because the color of this rug is unique because of color wash gave while manufacturing it.
  • The installation of these area rugs is so simple.
  • Due to deep color wash the color of this rug remains long lasting.

Installation and Care

If you purchased or planning to buy a Beautiful vintage color washed area rug in USA, then you must know about the installation of it. The installation of this area rug is much similar like another rugs or carpets but we have to consider some points while installing it in our home:

  • If your vintage color wash rug color quality is not so good then you must keep away from the most surface.
  • For increasing the durability of this area rug you can use rug pads because it will keep safe your area rug from moist, dust, etc.
  • Don’t pick the area rug from the loose corner.
  • Regular clean up area rug.
  • Don’t install this rug on the very rough surface, it can damage your area rug.

Where to Buy

If you are planning to buy a beautiful patchwork vintage color wash rugs UK  for decorating your home then Rugsville is the best shopping portal in USA for home decor area rugs. Here, you will find very attractive appealing vegetable dye vintage color wash area rugs which color remains long lasting. With high-quality durable area rugs in traditional, modern, contemporary, Persian style.



Different Types of Rugs – Rugsusa

Know about Different Types of Rugs- Rugsusa

Rugs come in different shapes, colors, sizes and material. These are just an example of the wide variety of rugs you are sure to find in our rugsusa store near you. Check our rugsusa online store for an even larger collection of the best rugs available.

Cotton Rugs
Cotton enjoys an unequalled share of popularity among homeowners as they are easy to maintain, yet give a room certain sophistication. Ranging from different colors and patterns, cotton rugs available at our rugsusa stores are suitable for placing on the front door, bedside, bathroom floor, at the kitchen sink – cotton rugs are incredibly versatile.

Handmade Soft Braided Recycled Cotton Multi Rug SKU 19252

Handmade Soft Braided Recycled Cotton Multi Rug

Hair-on-Hide Rugs

These rugs available at our rugsusa store are a favorite among homeowners and rug enthusiasts. They are crafted from high-quality cowhide and cut using precision to create beautiful contemporary designs and patterns. These pieces are stitched together to form elegant patterns which are then glued together on a cotton-latex backing. These rugs are a favorite among home owners in love with the contemporary design.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are made from a subtle blend of natural plants such as sisal and jute. In addition to the all-natural fiber material, these rugs also get a touch of latex to improve the cushioning and stability, which also increases the durability of the rugs. If you are looking to add a casual look to your home, then you should go for our natural fiber rugs which bring a neat neutral feel to your home. Natural fiber rugs are ideal for a weekend cottage as well.

Casual Natural Fiber Gold Jute Rug SKU 36287

Casual Natural Fiber Gold Jute Rug

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are arguably the most preferred rugs because of their tendency to feel soft and warm and gentle on your toenails. At our rugsusa, we have the widest collection of hand woven/tufted wool rugs available in different designs to suit your living space and complement your interior décor. Our rugs are made from 100 percent wool and come in different attractive colors and patterns such as neutrals, traditional, sculptured and artistic.

Wool is a favorite among home owners due to its dirt-resistance characteristics due to the presence of natural oils. We recommend using wool rugs for high-traffic spaces such as kitchens, hallways, at the front door because it is very durable and does not stain easily.


Rugsville Vegetable dyes Beige Wool Rug

Whether you are looking for cotton rugs, wool rugs, natural fiber rugs or rugs made from cow hide, you are sure to find it at our rugsusa stores countrywide. Check our online store to view different types, designs and patterns of rugs you are sure to fall in love with.


Overdyed Area Rugs: An Adventurous Take in Home Decorating

Use of Overdyed Area Rugs For Home Decor

Today, more than ever, more and more people are being adventurous when it comes to decorating the house. Gone were the days wherein most were limited with conventional carpets, which can be seen in almost every home. With the penchant for uniqueness and modern appeal, the use of overdyed rug is being a common practice. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, it is a vibrant addition to the living room, bedroom, office, or any room where a rug can prove to be an essential. With an overdyed area rug, deep hues can provide the rugs with a new life. As most design experts would say, the process that is incurred in making overdyed patchwork rugs can be seen as a process of reinventing vintage carpets with the use of the power of color.

Rugsville traditional overdyed wool purpal rug

Rugsville traditional overdyed wool purpal rug

Keep on reading and you will know some of the best colors that can be chosen for the best overdyed area rugs.

Rosy Shades

If you are looking for an overdyed patchwork rug, some of the most popular colors that can be considered include pink, red, and purple. These rosy shades exude a lot of feminism and vibrancy. Fuchsia, magenta, red, and purple, will surely make nice choices for overdyed vintage rugs in a room with light-colored paint. This is an eye-catching rug that will blend perfectly in a room with minimal interior or a room that is painted with white. The attention of the guests will surely be directed on your rug and not elsewhere.

Pop of Color

Go bright with your overdyed oriental rugs if you would like to end up with a more energetic room. Aside from the rosy shades, as earlier mentioned, you can choose overdyed carpets in yellow, blue, and green, among other vibrant colors. This will make any room exude youthfulness. In order to complement the color of your overdyed Turkish rugs, you can consider using geometric patterns for throw and floor pillows. However, keep the design of the walls minimal or plain so as to avoid looking exaggerated.

rugsville traditional overdyed gray wool rug

rugsville traditional overdyed gray wool rug

Go Neutral

If you prefer vintage overdyed rugs than one with contemporary designs, you should opt for those with neutral color. This is going to be the perfect choice if you intend to use the rug in a corporate office or in the bedroom. Grey overdyed Persian rugs will be the perfect choice for a room with wooden flooring or white walls. White vintage overdyed rug, on the other hand, will be ideal in a room that does not attract too much foot traffic as it can easily get dirty. Such color is also perfect if the paint and accents are in dark colors.