Five Easy Tips to Combine Solid Rugs in Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan is a great way of making a smaller home look much larger. However, furniture can look adrift since there are no walls to break up the size. Solid rugs are a great option because they create the illusion of a contained space.

Having dynamic rugs and solid rugs within view of each other, you need to consider how they will look together. One of the easiest solutions is using matching ivory solid rugs. Matching ivory solid rugs will work in some circumstances, but they can look out-of-place in some rooms. Here are some tips for combining solid rugs and dynamic wool rugs.

Loft Green Solid Rug 520Q4

Loft Green Solid Rug 520Q4

  1. Matching Rugs

If you are going to have several rugs in common spaces, the easiest approach is using matching rugs. The matching solid rugs help to separate the space while keeping the room harmonious. You also do not need to worry about the amount of space you leave between the solid rugs.

  1. Matching dynamic rugs

Solid rugs are a great option and work for nearly all spaces. However, by using dynamic wool rugs, you can add more colors and patterns to the room. The matching colors and patterns will help tie the room together without overwhelming the space.

  1. Solid Rugs in a Similar Color Family

If you are trying to create to unique spaces in an open floor plan like a living room and dining room, think about using two different solid rugs. There are many colors and textures of solid rugs that you can pick from. Keeping the color of the solid rugs within the same color family will tie the room together, even if you use two different styles of rugs.

  1. Solid Rugs Mixed With Pattern Rugs

Too clearly divide the space, think about using pattern and solid rugs in the same space. This works especially well if you are using very different colors of furniture. Ivory solid rugs are an excellent option for mixing with pattern rugs because the ivory color looks nice with all colors of flooring.

  1. Stay within the Color Palette with the Solid Rugs

A pattern rug is a popular way of adding color to a room. However, if you are planning to use one pattern rug, you should stay within the color palette of the pattern with the solid rugs. This helps the rugs look like they are meant to be in the same room.

Solid rugs are a great option for dividing spaces, without adding a lot of pattern to the area. Using many rugs in an open floor plan will help divide the space, without needing to use room dividers.

Online Tribal Home Rugs and Carpet

The process of making a tribal rug is at least 3,000 years old. Today, a tribal print rug is a beautiful accent to any home’s décor. In the past, a tribal rug was for people who were wealthy and were high ranking. Here are some tips for buying a tribal rug or carpet online.

Hudson Red Southwest/Lodge Rug 087K1

Hudson Red Southwest/Lodge Rug 087K1

  1. Buy from a Good Rug Seller

If you are looking buy a black and white tribal rug online, you should take the time to research the seller before you purchase the rug. A good tribal rug will lay flat on the floor. The seller should have clear pictures of the tribal rug. If you have any questions about the rug, you should contact the seller and get a clear reply from them.

  1. Color and Pattern

Tribal rugs come in many colors and various patterns. With all the available options, you should have an idea of the colors you want in the pattern, which will make the process of finding the right tribal rug simpler. Most rug selling websites will have a color selection search tool, which allows users to select the colors they are looking for.

  1. Size

You also need to know the size of the room and tribal print rug that you need before you order. Since you are shopping online, returns are difficult. You should make sure you double check all measurements before you order, to make sure that you have the right size. Since tribal rugs come in a variety of different sizes with the same print, it can be very easy to confuse the different rugs and order the wrong one.

  1. The Quality of the Rug

The material the rug is made from is one of the ways that you can determine the quality of the rug. A natural fiber jute rug is a great option because the fibers are strong and will last a long time. There are rugs made from man-made fibers, and while they are cheaper, they do not hold up to wear and tear like the natural fiber rugs do.

  1. Buy Rugs Made By Artisans

Rugs made by machines are cheaper, but they also are not made to last. Trained artisans know how to make high-quality rugs. Handmade rugs can have small defects because they are made by humans. Most of the time, you cannot see the defects unless you look for them.

A natural fiber jute rug with a tribal print can be a great addition to any home décor. There are many options of patterns and colors for a tribal print rug today. A high-quality tribal jute & wool rug or gabbeh tribal rug will last a long time.

Use Colorful Ikat Pillow to Add Life in your Living Room

Thinking of the perfect way to enliven the living room? Do you want it to look vibrant and to enhance the mood of the house? If yes, then you should consider adding ikat pillow with vibrant colors to be able to create a more energetic atmosphere. Having pink and navy ikat pillow, for instance, will instantly add dynamic spirit to your space, especially if you have a light-colored couch or wall.

How would you like you and your guests to feel when in the living room? The answer to this will be a good basis in picking the right color for your ikat pillow.

Kenmare Ikat Hand Print Pillow Cover 20" Gray

Kenmare Ikat Hand Print Pillow Cover 20″ Gray

What the Color Means

Different colors of the ikat pillow will have different meanings, so be careful about which one should be chosen. If you want a feminine touch, pink is a good choice. Yellow ikat pillow, on the other hand, is excellent if you want to achieve a summer look for the bedroom, which will also make the space more welcoming. Blue, meanwhile, is excellent if you want it to have a calming effect. Green pillows will be good if you want the room to appear more relaxing as it is a color that is associated with nature. For elegance, you can use a gold ikat pillow. Lastly, orange ikat pillow is good for stimulating creativity and having a warm atmosphere.

Taking Care of Your Ikat Pillow

The dyeing process for this pillow makes it distinct from many other alternatives that you can find in the market. It is going to be delicate and can be easily prone to wear and tear if you do not exert conscious effort in taking care of it. The most common signs of damage will be discoloration or fading, making it lose less aesthetically-pleasing and can possibly ruin the design and overall look you wish to establish.

You can use the upholstery attachment to vacuum the pillow. This will help to get rid of the dust on the surface and will prevent the possibility of suffering from allergies. This should be done carefully as the material can be delicate and can be easily damaged when it is mishandled. More so, when cleaning ikat pillow covers, specifically when being washed, separate the light ones from those with dark color. Hand-washing is always better than having it machine washed. If there is any stain on the surface, you need to have it immediately removed through spot cleaning. At all times, all that you should do is to inspect the tag of the ikat pillow and take a look at the note from the manufacturer. Follow the care instructions that have been provided

Discount Clearance Rug

For those who are looking for rug but have very limited budget, they may find their relief on the rug clearance sale.  You do not have to put your money on a substandard rug that will easily get damaged in a short period of time.  You need to be aware that there are lots of possible sources that can give you stylish yet inexpensive rugs.  In this article, we will cover some tips that will help you get your rug at a more affordable price.

Tips in Buying Clearance Rug

Rugs are not just limited in defining the room; they can also minimize the wearing and tearing on your house surface.  It can also be used to minimize the cleaning of your surface.  Since it is now considered a necessary household item, it is relatively easy to find rugs that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Buying clearance rug is a great alternative for having a cost-effective rug on your home.

Rugsville Lustrious And Elegant Shag Rug 22049

Rugsville Lustrious And Elegant Shag Rug 22049

Watch for the Sales


Finding the affordable outdoor rug clearance will be fairly simple especially if you know where to find them. To help you find them easily, you need to sign-up for the newsletters of the rug manufacturers.  These manufacturers will often notify their customers about the impending rug clearance through their newsletter way ahead of time.  You can also receive sales coupons and alert on promos through their newsletter.  You may also find a clearance sale during Cyber Monday sales and Black Friday deals.


Since most of the 12×12 rug clearance will virtually run out minutes after the sales were announced, you need to prepare ahead of time about the kind of rugs that you will need.  Make sure you already have an idea about the size, scheme, colors and shape of the rug.  By the time that the rug clearance sale will be announced, you will be able to avoid impulsive buying on the type of rugs that looks stunning but doesn’t really suit your space.

It is Inexpensive, But It Doesn’t Mean that It Have To Be Less Stylish

Though clearance rug are known to be inexpensive, they can still be a powerful and stylish item inside your house.  They will be able to provide the aesthetic appeal at a much cheaper price.  In case you want it to look high-end, you may combine the outdoor rug clearance to wool to create something chic and luxurious.  You can also take advantage on the door busters and liquidations when finding stylish yet affordable rugs.

Finally, you should also consider the materials when shopping on an outdoor rug sale clearance.  Those that are crafted using the organic materials will be less expensive.  Try to find something with a natural fiber to get your money’s worth.

Beni Ourain Rug – Bringing Out the Pleasant Look

A Beni Ourain rug is one that comes from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They are the best option for people who love schemes and designs that are evident of influence by other cultures, as well as those prefer hand-woven rugs that are soft and smooth to the feel. Vintage Beni Ourain rug is known to represent a vision of first-class comfort and luxury. After all, by Origin, the Berbers created these types of rugs by using wool extracted from the sheep in Atlas Mountains, which are known for their high quality.

The Advantages

Beni Ourain rug UK work perfectly in several homes, they have natural colors that are both classic and tasteful. If you are interested in choosing from Beni Ourain rug sale that has a nice white or off-white color, these rugs are great for you. They are never too flashy and bright, but they can make a perfect home interior design option for those who prefer understated and muted elegance.

Even though a Beni Ourain rug is immensely great and beautiful, they can become too expressive. In fact, they seem to document daily occurrences in life, while symbolizing subjects and milestones, including birth, fertility, femininity, religion, and the simplicity of nature. If you carefully look into a Beni Ourain rug, you can even get a deeper understanding on the way Berber people lives. The patterns on these rugs are more than simple, as they can also be highly educational and informative.

Rugsville Moroccan Beni Ourain Wool Pink Rug

Rugsville Moroccan Beni Ourain Wool Pink Rug

Vintage Beni Ourain rug also have the tendency to be very noticeable. They are usually made using combined brown or black line, without borders as well. They are also equipped occasionally with fringes. If you want to display a Beni Ourain rug that is both distinctive and low-key, you will definitely get your goal!

Potential Uses

A Beni Ourain rug comes with different potential uses. In general, people love keeping these rugs right on the floor. This is because walking on them is quite comfortable. They feel really great and have the capability to make floors look really good. If you do not want them on your floor, however, there are still other options for you.

Other options in using Beni Ourain rug UK are hanging them as decoration on your wall. They are so attractive, making them unforgettable and excellent wall hangings. As a matter of fact, you can also put them on your living room sofa, as they feel really warm and nice. Thus, they can make cozy and wonderful companions for you.

Indeed, if you like evocative and gorgeous tribal design that is also functional, a Beni Ourain rug is a good option for you.

Braided Rugs: Traditional Hand-woven Fabric for your Home

There was a period in the history of America where housewives will not only create the clothing of their family; they will even weave the cloth that will be utilized in their clothing.  When their clothing no longer fits or if it is already faded, the fabric will be recycled into rugs or quilt.  The hooked rugs can be found anywhere in the world, but braided rugs are traditionally made in USA.  This is due to the accessibility of the fabric which started in the birthplace of the textile industry of America-New England.  Traditional braided wool rugs can be completed without the use of any specialized equipment and is a favorite pastime during the earlier period where television does not exist.

Things to Look For When Buying Braided Rugs

Rugsville Modern Braided Multi Jute Dhurrie Rug 4x6

Rugsville Modern Braided Multi Jute Dhurrie Rug 4×6

When you are looking for braided shag rugs, the first thing you need to consider would be the fabric.  Wool would be a smarter choice due to its ability to resist mold, mildew, and staining.  It is also highly durable compared to the other types of fabric.  This fiber also has a high capacity to withstand the excessive amount of heat, which makes them ideal for hearthrugs.  It can even maintain its shape throughout the season.

Another great choice for the southwestern braided rugs would be the cotton.   Cottons are ultra lightweight fabrics, and they are also soft.  They are also ideal in absorbing a high amount of moisture, and they also tend to dry extremely fast compared to other types of fabric.  This may not be an elastic fiber, but it can also be woven tightly that will allow the fabric to maintain its shape just like the wool.

Round braided rugs that are made from a synthetic fiber can also be an excellent choice.  Polypropylene has the capacity to resist fading, and it is also easy to clean which made them suitable for patio and deck.  Polyester shares the same qualities of the polypropylene.  Both of them can resist the mold and mildew formation, and they are also very economical.

Finding the Perfect Fit

The size of your braided jute rugs will be contingent upon the size of the surface that you plan to cover.  Furniture and the traffic in your house can determine how you will place the rugs.  In general, you should allow the rugs to extend at least 30 inches beyond the chairs in the kitchen and on the dining table.

Regardless if you are purchasing braided rugs or if you are planning to create your own, you will realize that these rugs are perfect complement for the traditional scheme of your house.  The charm and nostalgia are essential for country decoration and braided shag rugs ranks highly in this term.

Information about Charcoal Rugs

Charcoal rugs showcase an impeccable design that make the area in which they are applied to look classy and outstanding. With handcrafted beautiful patterns incorporated into these pieces, they yield an elegance look of the place in which they are applied. Charcoal rugs are classic with artistic trendy designs that make your place look modern and unique. With the jute technique having been fully utilized in their making, the rugs are always durable and fulfilling when it comes to their service. You would always feel the comforting smoothness that comes from these rugs owing to the tender but strong charcoal wool that is used in their making.

How to Care for the Rugs

Rugsville Ziegler Red Charcoal Floral Hand Knotted Rug

Rugsville Ziegler Red Charcoal Floral Hand Knotted Rug

Urbana charcoal rugs need to be highly taken care of to avoid them from reducing in quality. It is recommended that you remove stains immediately after landing on the rug to avoid them from penetrating the wool. Charcoal rugs have a black color which tend to mask all the stains that fall on it, so the best time you can see them is when they fall on your presence. You can do vacuum cleaning once in a week to make sure that the original color of the rug is retained so that the shininess of the rug is upheld always. General cleaning can be done, but you need to use a wet sponge that does not contain excess water to clean your rug.

Reasons Why Charcoal Rugs are good

They are resistant to instant stains making them to be very easy to wiper whenever a liquid or chemical falls on them. The charcoal rugs have antimicrobial effect that ensure your rug is always safe for you and your kids who use it daily. Their fire resistant nature makes them to be used anywhere, whether in the kitchen, living room or bedroom without any problem. Charcoal grey area rug is among the best types of charcoal rugs that express a classy look of the area that you apply it due to its geometric patterns and wonderful twisted structure.

Where to Buy the Rugs

Rug Pad for Kids – Things to Consider

Now, furnishing your home might be one of the most challenging tasks that you’d have to do, especially if you have kids. With this being said, choosing the best carpet for the room of your kids should be a top priority. Leaving the floor exposed, regardless of what kind of flooring solution you use, is rather inadvisable. The reason for this is quite normal – kids like to stay on the floor, and that’s a fact. A carpet, on the other hand, is going to provide quite a lot of advantages such as soft surface to play on, insulation from the cold floors and most of all – comfort. Let’s face it, there’s absolutely no room for comparison between the cold laminate or hardwood flooring and a nice, soft and comfy carpet. However, you should also keep in mind that choosing a rug pad cleaning service should be of relatively the same priority. Here’s why.

Kids like to play. As a matter of fact, that’s all they do. While playing, they are unquestionably going to get the carpet stained. In fact, you might want to get prepared to steam clean the carpet on the day you bought it. Of course, there is no harm in handling all this by yourself but having professionals to clean it every once in a while does come with certain advantages.

Choosing the right Rug Pad for Kids

Joy Carpets Multi Nylon Alphabet Pinwheel 1625 Rug

Joy Carpets Multi Nylon Alphabet Pinwheel 1625 Rug

There are quite a lot of things that you’d have to take into account upon choosing the right rug pad for kids. With this in mind, it might be a good idea for you to be familiar with the specifications of carpets and the fabrics they are made out of.

However, when it comes to picking up the right kind of carpet for your kids, you must make sure that they are easy to clean. Expect some of the following cleaning challenges on a daily basis:

  • Puke
  • Stains from water-based paints
  • Stains from food and beverages
  • Stains from markers and pencils and many, many more

Of course, these are just the tip of the toe – you are in for a lot more challenges and with this in mind, relying on a rug pad cleaning company might sound like a good idea. In any case, you might also want to take a look at some instructions on buying a carpet just to be prepared and know what to look for in advance. Even though purchasing a carpet for your kid’s room is rather specific, there are some fundamental considerations that you’d have to account for.

A carpet offers plenty of advantages. That’s why it’s also the most preferable solution, especially for children’s rooms. The added comfort, warmth and cozy that it offers are definitely unmatched and unparalleled by any other flooring solution. A quick guide to buying a carpet is going to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice. Furthermore, getting in touch with a company that offers rug pad cleaning is going to spare you the troubles of having to handle this yourself.

All about a Kilim Rug

A vintage Turkish kilim rug is different from other types of rugs because a kilim rug is made by interweaving the threads, which creates a flat weave. Most kilim rugs are made using the slit weave technique. Kilim rugs are very strong because the weavers tightly weft the threads together. They also use diagonal patterns like in the Multi jute kilims rug, to avoid any weakness in the weaving. Many kilim rugs will have geometrical or floral patterns that allow for the diagonal patterns.

Flat Weave Kilim Southwestern Multi Handmade Wool Rug

Flat Weave Kilim Southwestern Multi Handmade Wool Rug


What Can Kilim Rugs Be Made From?

The most common material to make a kilim rug is wool, like this Ivory wool rug. Most kilim rugs made from wool will have both the wefts and warps. Wool is also used with other materials like cotton because the wool creates a stronger weft than other materials.

Wools popularity in making kilim rugs is due to its qualities. Wool is easy to handle after being woven or spun because it is supple and durable. Wool also dyes well, and there is a lot of it in the areas that are known for making kilim rugs. Since wool is so popular, sheep are specially bred for their wool, namely the merino because they produce longer fibers and more luxurious wool. Most of the wool that is used in kilim rugs today is from the fat-tail sheep, as they product a lot of fleece and they are easier to care for.

The other most common material for making a kilim rug is cotton. Cotton is very mainly used to create warps because there is a lot of it and it is strong. Cotton is used to make an ivory wool rug since it helps keep the ivory color for a longer time.

Rugsville Moraccan Trellis Multi Chindi Handmade Kilim Rug

Rugsville Moraccan Trellis Multi Chindi Handmade Kilim Rug

Other animal hair is also used in making kilim rugs. This includes camel, goat, and horse. These hairs are used very sparingly to make kilim rugs. Camel hair is used to make a rug more durable. Horse mane and tail hair is used to create tassels and fringes. Goat hair is most commonly used to make very strong rugs. However, Angora goat hair is very soft and is most times mixed within with wool to add a shine to the fabric.

Silk is still used to create kilim rugs, but these rugs are rare as production has slowed over time. Most of these kilim rugs are made in Anatolia’s Kayseri district in Turkey. Today, there are bridal dowries that have a silk Vintage Turkish kilim rug, which shows the family’s wealth.

A kilim rug is an excellent option if you are looking for an area rug that is durable and comes in many patterns and colors.

Polypropylene Rugs Feel – The Benefits

These days, it seems challenging enough to easily afford introducing interior themes or design to your home. Despite the fact that the economy is a little tight now, life still has to go on, and some items still need to be purchased. If you want to replace your carpeted flooring and save money, one good option that you can take into consideration is using polypropylene rugs. They feel and look similar to that of had knotted Persian or Indian type of rug, though the cost is generally lower compared to the original items priced by the thousands.

Momeni Veranda Hand Hooked Polypropylene Rug

Momeni Veranda Hand Hooked Polypropylene Rug


Yours Options

When it comes to selecting out of the different polypropylene rugs for sale USA options, you would be delighted to know that there are a lot of varieties out there. For example, if you want a large area that is covered, or need a runner rug for your hallway, polypropylene outdoor rugs will not just easily fit your design theme, but can also save you a whole lot of money during purchase.

These rugs are available at an affordable price, with a size that can already cover the entire living room and furniture area, and still giving you that luxurious feel of wool area rugs. You can also select out of the numerous printed designs produced by different manufacturers. There are a lot of colors, sizes and design combinations that are also available.

Where to Buy Them

The best thing about all these options is that even searching right from the Internet will introduce you to different selections available. Still, everything can still be very overwhelming. With this, you can start by setting your budget first. By putting an amount to the value that you are willing to spend, you can also make a choice on the color, and the size that you need in order to cover the entire area. Afterwards, you can start choosing around half-a-dozen or more of your selected themes or prints, then narrow down your options.

Aside from the value that polypropylene rugs give to your home, you can also expect that they last long in your house. The compounds that are used to weave these rugs are quite similar to those that are found in disposable diapers, drinking straws, as well as a lot of medical tools which are designed to withstand huge amounts of pressure and heat. This means that these polypropylene outdoor rugs pretty much have the capability to hold those spills on the floor, as well as everyday traffic.

Overall, the quality, cool, as well as decorative values of polypropylene rugs make them a good option for an addition to your home. Choose from polypropylene rugs for sale USA, and enjoy the benefits that you can get out of them.