Traditional Oriental Rugs for Modern Home

Oriental rugs are mostly seen in traditional inspired home decors. Interior designers are also using traditional rugs in modern decor. Oriental rugs are mostly used to integrate a modern design with traditional theme and it’s a great combination to adore a home.

Rugsville Heriz oriental Rust Blue Wool Rug

Rugsville Heriz oriental Rust Blue Wool Rug

Oriental rugs are uniquely hand-knotted and imported from such countries Nepal, Turkey, China, Tibet, Pakistan, and India. An oriental rug gives modern decor a mark of both contemporary and traditional design.

Rugsville Sultanabd Persian Ivory Brown Oriental Wool Rug

Rugsville Sultanabd Persian Ivory Brown Oriental Wool Rug

Combined with intricate design and a rich color combination, the rug represents traditional style and makes regality and dignity. Combination of traditional and modern styles also known as a transitional style.

Southwestern Rugs Revolutionize Your Place

If you have bored with your current rug and want to spice up your space with some great texture, color and fabric then I would suggest you to buy a southwestern rug. A southwestern rug will help you to take your home decor on next level.

Here I am discussing few ideas about southwestern rugs that will help you to choose perfect carpet for your space.

Arrange color tone

southwestern rugs

southwestern rugs

Before choosing a southwestern you need to set tone of your space according to southwestern rug because this rug is available in various colors like red, blue, green, yellow, orange etc. You can also see the glimpse of all these colors in a single rug and all colors palette naturally added to the southwestern rug by expert rug artisans.

You can see various designs on a southwestern rug with some eye catching paintings and some pottery which gives a strong base to your south western decor theme. You can choose some accessories like decorative pottery, vintage baskets along with southwestern rug for your southwestern inspired decor.

Rugsville Southwestern Gold Brown Jute & Wool Kilims 13636 Rug

Rugsville Southwestern Gold Brown Jute & Wool Kilims 13636 Rug

Material can enhance the room

Textures of rug you must choose according to your decor and it should complementary to your home interior. A southwestern rug you can find in various fabrics like wool, jute, polyester, nylon etc.

Exciting News – Now in Trend – Moroccan Rugs

Rugsville Moroccan Beige Wool & Jute & Sari Silk Rug

Rugsville Moroccan Beige Wool & Jute & Sari Silk Rug

A new trend is taking a new shape, I am talking about Moroccan rugs and this rug is everywhere these days. You can see them at Pinterest, Apartment therapy and many famous blogs like home design laboratory and jacquelynclark.

They all are showing the expensive and designer interiors along with Moroccan Rugs. Although their interior designs are modern but they are using this vintage style rug, as we know that Moroccan rugs are older than anything but still their design and presence is unique. They can fit in any kind of decor whether you are using a traditional or latest modern interior.

Rugsville Moroccan Beni Ourain Beige Wool Rug

Rugsville Moroccan Beni Ourain Beige Wool Rug

After Europe and Australia Moroccan carpet demand is increasing day by day. If we talk about interior designers so they calls this Beni ourain rug is new sisal rug. Behind this is a big reason because Moroccan rugs offer a luxurious look with comfort.

Moroccan rugs prepared by professional Moroccan weavers and their style of weaving is unique they use ancient tribal designs and ethnographic patterns on the rugs.

A Moroccan rug with beige colors looks perfect in neutral colored theme room. You can use this rug as a focal point of any room. Their posh pile and textural flat-weave decorations have a strong result once set against the stark grays of polished concrete or the nice and cozy texture of hardwood floors.

How to Use Shag Area Rugs to Enhance Your Modern Home

Rugsville Braided Shaggy Grey Rug

Rugsville Braided Shaggy Grey Rug

Keep out the cold and bring in interior decorator fashion with shag rugs The designs that are available for any corner of your property offers a unique fit to the room.  If you are interested in a quick upgrade to your home, then looking at the styles of a shag carpet can assist you with the perfect design.  There are specific fits that you will want to look into, all which will provide you with a classic, contemporary or avant-garde fit for your home.

Basic Designs of Shag Rugs

Each of the styles of a shag carpet gained their reputation because of the way that they are made.  The shaggy rugs are woven or threaded with finer pieces of wool.  These are pieced together, making the edges of the material stand up.  This makes the carpet thicker and also develops a style that has gained the reputation of being shaggy.  For a different look, you can consider a flokati rug.  This uses thicker, softer wool to add into the room while keeping the same weave.  This basic design creates a unique and appealing look to your home.  If you are in a cooler area that doesn’t have carpet, then it also adds in value through the warmth created with the weave of the shaggy rugs.

Rugsville Braided Shaggy Brown Rug

Rugsville Braided Shaggy Brown Rug

Accenting Your Home with Shag Area Rugs

The basic weave of the shag rug is followed with ways that you can accent your home.  Most of the classical designs of these carpets come with one color defined through the wool that is used.  You can find brown, tan or a white shag rug to add to each corner of the room.  Some contemporary designs have added into this with patterns that accent each room.  You will find everything from floral designs to swirls, shapes and repetitive patterns to add in.  All allow you to accent your room by making the rug blend in or become the central attraction for the room.

Interior Decoration Tips for a Shag Rug

The main consideration for a shag rug is to make sure that it works as an accent first.  You will want to define the width that is needed for each room before investing in the shag area rugs.  Most will place this under a table or the central area of each room as a complimentary accent.

Rugsville Decorative Beige And Black Shag Rug

Rugsville Decorative Beige And Black Shag Rug

You can also look at adding the shag area rugs in the corners or areas that don’t have any furniture.  This creates a different accent to the room that you are designing.

Allow your room to take on a new life with interior designing approaches.  When you add in a shaggy rug, you will also offer a comforting, modern and contemporary look.  Whether you are interested in colors from a white shag rug to patterns, or a thicker look with a Flokati rug, is the ability to find the perfect flavor to every room.  The variations that are available allow you to easily upgrade your home and floor area.

Overdyed Area Rugs: An Adventurous Take in Home Decorating

Today, more than ever, more and more people are being adventurous when it comes to decorating the house. Gone were the days wherein most were limited with conventional carpets, which can be seen in almost every home. With the penchant for uniqueness and modern appeal, the use of overdyed rug is being a common practice. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, it is a vibrant addition to the living room, bedroom, office, or any room where a rug can prove to be an essential. With an overdyed area rug, deep hues can provide the rugs with a new life. As most design experts would say, the process that is incurred in making overdyed patchwork rugs can be seen as a process of reinventing vintage carpets with the use of the power of color.

Rugsville traditional overdyed wool purpal rug

Rugsville traditional overdyed wool purpal rug

Keep on reading and you will know some of the best colors that can be chosen for the best overdyed area rugs.

Rosy Shades

If you are looking for an overdyed patchwork rug, some of the most popular colors that can be considered include pink, red, and purple. These rosy shades exude a lot of feminism and vibrancy. Fuchsia, magenta, red, and purple, will surely make nice choices for overdyed vintage rugs in a room with light-colored paint. This is an eye-catching rug that will blend perfectly in a room with minimal interior or a room that is painted with white. The attention of the guests will surely be directed on your rug and not elsewhere.

Pop of Color

Go bright with your overdyed oriental rugs if you would like to end up with a more energetic room. Aside from the rosy shades, as earlier mentioned, you can choose overdyed carpets in yellow, blue, and green, among other vibrant colors. This will make any room exude youthfulness. In order to complement the color of your overdyed Turkish rugs, you can consider using geometric patterns for throw and floor pillows. However, keep the design of the walls minimal or plain so as to avoid looking exaggerated.

rugsville traditional overdyed gray wool rug

rugsville traditional overdyed gray wool rug

Go Neutral

If you prefer vintage overdyed rugs than one with contemporary designs, you should opt for those with neutral color. This is going to be the perfect choice if you intend to use the rug in a corporate office or in the bedroom. Grey overdyed Persian rugs will be the perfect choice for a room with wooden flooring or white walls. White vintage overdyed rug, on the other hand, will be ideal in a room that does not attract too much foot traffic as it can easily get dirty. Such color is also perfect if the paint and accents are in dark colors.

Tips for Decorating your Home with Area Rugs

If you want to add some excitement in your room interior, then a rug can be perfect choice. A rug add coziness, warmth in your room apart from this it offers a stylish look to your interior. By adding some different things together visually you can complete your room interior. It helps a lot to make your interior superior. How can you make your room interior better by adding a rug?

Natural Wool & Silk Rug

Natural Wool & Silk Rug

Here are few tips that will help you to make your room mesmerizing.

First of all define an area where you want to use area rug, so choose a specific rug according to area such as dining area, living area, bedroom etc. If you are using more than one rug in a single room so use different size rug, if you use same size rug in a single room so it will cut your room visually.

Sometime using more than one rug can affect your room interior because different kind of patterns and design can distract your mind and it would give a negative effect to your interior. Use your favorite rug according to room colors. Theme of the room colors should match with rug colors and it will attract more. Apart from that if you are using furniture along with a rug so you can choose color of rug according to furniture.

Ikat Multi Aquasilk Rug

Ikat Multi Aquasilk Rug

If you are using very bright and colorful wallpapers in your room so there you need to put a light color rug which must be subtle. If you see opposite combination of that like light colored wallpapers so here you can use a colorful rug with bright colors.

Bonus Tip- Always use a rug pad along with your rug it would increase your rug life.

Picking the Right Type of Rug

There is a wide range of different types of rugs out on the market, and you’d have to consider quite a few things when you want to pick up the right one. In any case, you have to determine whether you want a kilim rug or a flat weave rug or a trellis rug amongst many more other kinds. There are, however, a few things which are rather universal, and you’d have to take them into consideration, regardless of the type of rug that you have set your sight on. Let’s take a look.

Shaggy Grey Rug

Shaggy Grey Rug

Rug Size – This is Primarily an Important Thing

The first thing that you’d have to determine if you want to purchase a new rug is the size that it would have to occupy. This is essential. The last thing you want is to purchase a flat weave rug which won’t fit the room that you want to place it in, or it’s just too small and looks ridiculous. That’s why you want to start off by determining the exact size. Go ahead and take the measures and make sure that they are accurate. If you have a kilim rug that you want to change with a new one you can simply measure its sizes and use them instead of measuring the room itself.

Overall Style

Kilim rugs, flat weave rugs, and trellis rugs have little in common. The first ones are traditional while the second one is more or less a modern-day solution. The trellis rugs, on the other hand, are typical contemporary solutions. That’s why you would have to figure out whether or not you want to bring in a stylish, contemporary appeal in the room or you want to outline the overall traditional sensation that it brings.

Contemporary Wool Rug

Contemporary Wool Rug

The rug is ultimately one of the most important things that you would have to consider because it’s capable of outlining the interior design of the entire room. Failing to do so might result in a funny combination which is widely inappropriate. With this in mind, it’s of great importance to determine whether or not you want your kilim rug to complement the traditional appeal of your room, or you want the flat weave rug to bring in a more contemporary appeal.

Different rugs are also suitable for different designs, and they are also fit under different budgets. You would have to determine how much money you are willing to spend because there are kilim rugs, for instance, which are quite expensive. This would ultimately decide the quality and the type of the rug that you’d be able to get.


Persian rugs have a rich history and it has always been known as a luxurious decorative item. In ancient times, kings and queens adored oriental tapestry and today the status of the Persian rug is no less than it was.

At we stock a wide range of gorgeous Persian rugs that has been woven to perfection. We have a passion for the artwork that is portrayed on these rugs and we make it possible for our clients to add one of our magnificent pieces to their homes at an affordable price.

Hand Knotted Sari Silk rug

Hand Knotted Sari Silk rug

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a Persian rug from us.

They never go out of style

As we have said previously, Persian rugs are always in style and it remains a classic in the carpet industry. The same designs that hang on the walls of your home are the same designs that christened palaces and castles years before. The patterns remain true to Persian culture and you will never find another like it anywhere in the world. Not only does it remain a fashion trend forever, but no rug is alike. Each one is unique in its style and shows exquisite beauty.

They last forever

Take it from us: Persian rugs last a lifetime. They can withstand even the toughest conditions and the rug will still look immaculate. Some of the oldest rugs are oriental and have been cherished by numerous institutions weavers across the globe. Many of these rugs become tradition in the houses of our clients because they are woven to the highest quality. This because they are handcrafted by expert rug and this makes it easy for families to pass it down from one generation to the next.

persian rugs

persian rugs

They support artists

The weaving of Persian rugs is seen as an art form and what better way is there to expose artists from overseas? Many Persian rugs are woven by members from small communities and by purchasing one you are helping them in creating employment opportunities.

They are a good investment

What people fail to realize is that Persian rugs are not only meant for decorative purposes, but that they are in fact a financial investment. Many people all over the world collect Persian rugs and sell it for a huge amount of money after a few years. notes that once a Persian rug reaches any age between 30 to 70 years, its value will increase significantly. Once it hits 100 years it could qualify for antique status. If you should ever choose to sell it, you could be in a high position of bargaining when it comes to deciding on a price.

persian carpets

persian carpets

They are environmentally friendly

Unlike rugs that are mass produced by synthetic methods, Persian rugs are made by using natural products. The natural dyes and natural materials that they use don’t release any toxins at all. They are also not as flammable as ordinary machine-made rugs.

These rugs are adorable.  They can completely transform the atmosphere of the room. A quality Persian rug can usually be over your budget, however considering the charm and durability I think it is worth to buy one!

A Perfect Way to Spend a Few Hundred pounds at Rugsville

If you have a few hundred pounds, you can put the money in good use by buying a Rugsville rug. The online retail shop has the most exquisite rugs made with the New Zealand wool. They have countless designs in their stock, which are hand-spun by skilled artisans. The items have different prices, and you can get a rug, which costs as low as £ 90.00.

The rugs come in different rich colours that can match your décor, and you can never run out of options. The retail shop has everything you require to furnish a room to perfection. The good thing about shopping at Rugsville is that you will find a rug that can fit your budget. These rugs will be useful in your home, and you will never regret the decision of buying a Rugsville rug because they depict modern beauty and elegance. Below is a list of items you can get with less that £ 1,000.00.

Price range of £ 500 – £ 1000

You will get an elegant Rugsville Ivory Wool Laka 13103 Rug for only £ 774.40. When you purchase the item, you will get 775 loyalty points, which will earn you a £23.48 discount. The main advantage of shopping at Rugsville is that the loyalty points you earn translate to money. In this regard, you can redeem the loyalty points by getting a discount, or you can let them accumulate until you can redeem them through an item. The artisans made this rug with wool and silk. The rug has an ivory background colour, which will made a difference in your room.

area rugs for decor

Furthermore, the Rugsville Sun Flower Wool & Silk Rug 13076 will cost you £ 638.88. In addition, you will earn 639 loyalty points. It is important to note that when you shop at Rugsville, you will get free shipping to any part of the UK if you spend more that £50. If you buy this rug, you do not have to worry about shipping cost, because Rugsville will take care of the cost. The rug is blue in colour and made with wool and silk.

rugsville home decor

Price Range of £ 50 – £ 500

You will get a rug with intricate diamond pattern with only £ 83.49. The Rugsville Diamond pattern Beige Grey Jute Kilims 13630 Rug show the elaborate design of the weave, and you earn 84 loyal points with each purchase.

Moreover, £ 85.91 will get you an amazing Rugsville Portofino Beige Red Wool Rug 11889. This item is a hand-made artwork from India. It has rich colour that stems from the dyed wool. It has an amazing texture, and it will earn you 86 loyalty points. This will suit you if you love expressive patterns.

Lastly, you can get an amazing Rugsville Mondrian Multi Wool 10520 Rug with just £ 143.99 and earn 144 loyalty points. If you love modern design, this is the best choice for you, and it is 100% wool.

Which is The Best Modern Rug Material?

Rugs are usually chosen for use on floors due to the comfort and aesthetic appeal they offer. Resting your feet on a comfy and soft rug is more appealing as compared to stepping on hard and cold floors. As such, it is important to note that the material used to make modern rugs influences the level of comfort and luxury afforded to the owner and other users. Additionally, the material used also influences how well the rug holds colour and, therefore, its appearance over the years. Different materials also have different levels of durability.

As you can clearly see, the materials used to make, modern rugs have a lot of bearing on their quality. Below we will look at some of the materials used to make modern rugs together with some of their characteristics.

modern area rug

Wool Modern Rugs

These are usually the most expensive of all modern rugs. They are soft, highly durable and usually visually attractive. To ensure that they remain clean, it is important to vacuum wool rugs regularly. Any stains on the rugs should be blotted out immediately using water based cleaners. Due to the fact that these rugs are known to shed strands, it is recommended that any loose ones be clipped and not pulled out.

Cotton Modern Rugs

Cotton rugs are known to be highly durable and can hold their colour well even with time. They can be sued just about anywhere due to the fact that they are strong and durable. Modern rugs made out of cotton can be machine washed where necessary provided that they can fit in the washer easily.

Synthetic Rugs

Modern rugs made out of synthetic materials are usually the most available of all other rugs. Since they tend to be very durable, they can be used in high traffic areas like hallways and commercial buildings. These rugs hold colour well and will note look worn out too quickly. However, rugs made out of synthetic materials usually lack the attention to detail seen in their more expensive, mostly handmade counterparts mentioned above.

Natural Fibre Rugs

Modern style rugs made out of natural fibre including a variety of grasses tend to be very stylish and can create a different look where they are used. Due to the fact that the materials used to make natural fibre modern rugs are easily damaged and stained they are not recommended for use in high traffic areas. Stains should be cleaned immediately while cleaning should be done using vacuum cleaners or through extraction.

At Rugsville, we sell a wide variety of modern rugs online. Buyers can expect to find a variety of rugs made out of different materials fit for use in different applications.